Black Friday Came Early! The Coravin Is On Super-Sale on Amazon Right Now

We haven't seen a price this low all year.

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October 17, 2019
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There are some products that Food Network fans just can't get enough of — and the Coravin Limited Edition II Wine Preservation System is one of them. It was a top-selling gift among our fans last Christmas. And today, it's on sale on Amazon for a $100 off, which rivals even the best Black Friday deals. Read on to find out what makes this gadget a must-have gift.

It Keeps Wine Fresh for Years, Literally

The gist of the must-have gadget is this: The user can pour wine without ever uncorking the bottle, which allows it to last for years past the first glass. If you're someone who likes to switch between bottles of red or white, or have a more expensive wine you're saving for a special occassion, this is the perfect tool. A surgical-grade needle allows you to puncture the cork in a way that prevents oxidation while pouring a glass of the good stuff. When you're done pouring, simply pull the needle out of the cork and it'll be totally sealed again. (Hint: Try turning the bottle upside down if you want to double-check!)

Now, You Can Use It On Screw Cap Bottles

With so many great bottles of wine coming in screw-cap form, the company designed accessories to keep those varieties fresh, too. While you're investing in the Coravin, snag a package of Coravin-compatible screw caps (below), too, so you can make sure all of your wine lasts for as long as you need it to.

You Can Be the Only Wine-Drinker In Your Home

If your partner prefers beer or cocktails, that can make finishing a whole bottle of wine in one sitting a rarity. This turns your typical wine bottle into a single-serve affair, so you don't have to stick to the same bottle of red all week long or waste money throwing away good wine.

Experimentation Is Easy

Got a bottle from a friend or a coworker that you're not sure about? Fans (and many restaurants) use the Coravin system to pour a taste of wine before they commit to it. This will help you decide which wines to keep at the front of your cabinet and which to break out during a party with lots of people who have different taste in vino than you.

It Works on More Than Just Wine Bottles

That expensive bottle of whiskey or tequila with a wooden cork? No need to open them up without a way to reseal them. You can use the Coravin on pretty much any kind of corked bottle that you want to preserve. It certainly makes storage and drinking in moderation much easier.

In advance of the Black Friday rush, we suggest buying this model now, while you still can. We can't promise this great price tag (or inventory) will be there come November!

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