7 Simple Ways to Make Any Food Spooky

It doesn’t take much to get into the Halloween spirit.

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October 07, 2020
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Halloween is looking to be pretty different this year – but that gives all of us spooky season fans an excuse to be more creative with how we celebrate. Whether you’re looking to slip some ghoulish fun into every day of October or planning a meticulously prepared haunted Halloween dinner, spook-ifying your food – and getting into the holiday spirit – can be super simple. Here’s how.

Candy Eyeballs


There’s nothing quite like an adorable cupcake staring up at you, is there? Bring just about any food, from brownies to toast to a bowl of spaghetti, back to life with edible candy eyeballs with or without veins.

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Chia Seed “Bugs”


Fool kids into thinking their stack of pancakes endured a bug infestation with a generous sprinkle of chia seeds. Stir right into the batter or spoon hydrated seeds onto a pool of sticky syrup.

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Squid Ink


Turn any food dark as night with squid ink. But if you prefer a dish pre-inked, try this gorgeously spooky spaccatelli from Sfoglini.

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Sweet Grenadine “Blood”


A splash of fake blood never hurt anyone! Especially not when it’s as sickly sweet as grenadine syrup. Ooze over breakfast sweets for a shocking way to perk up.

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Bee Pollen “Earwax”


Who knew this bright superfood would one day double as a genius Halloween prank? Mix bee pollen with a touch of honey and casually drop "earwax" onto an unsuspecting plate.

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Skull Shaped Treats


This pan from Nordic Ware will hit your Halloween eats out of the park. The realistically detailed mini skulls bring a third and ghastly dimension to cakes, pizza, puffed rice treats and more.

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Dash also sells a skull-shaped mini waffle maker if you prefer your skeletally-shaped meals pressed. We can’t get over the heavy metal vibe of the appliance itself!

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Dry Ice “Fog”


Ah, a tried-and-true classic. Dry ice can bring an ultra-spooky ambiance to any meal. Add blocks to punch bowls for a cauldron-like effect, or break pieces directly into individual drinks. Just be sure not to swallow any dry ice and learn how to handle it properly before using.

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