What to Watch: Recipes Made Easy on Daphne Dishes and an Egg Soccer Match on Cutthroat Kitchen

Daphne Brogdon simplifies recipes for foods that often scare people. Then, catch all-new episodes of Guy’s Grocery Games, Food Network Star and Cutthroat Kitchen.

Cooking can sometimes seem like a daunting activity, but making food from scratch doesn’t always have to be complicated. This weekend on Food Network, tune in to see how Daphne Brogdon simplifies dishes. Join her on Sunday morning as she shows you how to grill flank steak and demonstrates how she tackles a commonly feared ingredient, yeast, in her delicious Cheesy Bread Rolls.

Then, get ready for three hours of fun-filled competition on Sunday night. First, in an all-new episode of Triple G, Guy has the competitors make a dish using only ingredients that start with the letter S. Then, they play an exciting game of Musical Carts for a chance to go on and compete to win a $20,000 shopping spree. Next, catch up with the remaining finalists on Food Network Star. They must get creative and have a sense of humor, because they’re cooking for guest judge David Alan Grier and a crowd full of fans of both comedy and food. Finally, tune in for Cutthroat Kitchen at 10|9c — you won’t want to miss Alton’s evilicious challenges!

Even experienced chefs find food intimidating, and Daphne Brogdon is here to cook through some of those scary ingredients. She makes Belgian-ish Clams and a Grilled Flank Steak with Savory Secret Sauce, starring anchovies. Daphne makes sunchokes anxiety-free, and she also shows you how to cook with yeast in her Cheesy Bread Rolls.

Sunday 11:30a|10:30c

The first four chefs get a major curveball when making their first dish: They can cook only with ingredients that start with the letter S. Next, they are tasked to prepare an extravagant lunch that won’t break their $10 budget. Finally, the last two chefs must shop to make a comfort meal while trading carts in Guy’s chaotic game of Musical Carts.

Sunday 8|7c

The show kicks off with the Mentor Challenge, where finalists must create and present an enticing pizza for Giada De Laurentiis and Bobby Flay along with guest judges Duff Goldman and the CEO of CiCi’s Pizza, Darin Harris. In the Star Challenge, finalists are randomly assigned several criteria for their dishes from Bobby and guest judge David Alan Grier. They have to make their dishes great, because they are presenting them in a demo for a crowd filled with fans of both food and comedy. Then, Susie Fogelson and Bob Tuschman join Giada and Bobby in the elimination room to determine the least successful finalist.

Sunday 9|8c

First, chefs face off in an intense egg soccer match. Then, two chefs can’t get off of each other’s backs. You don’t want to miss another crazy challenge, where one chef is hounded by a bad memory while making blondies.

Sunday 10|9c
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