The Best Low Calorie Snacks You Don't Have to Make from Scratch

Next time you need a pick-me-up, opt for one of these store-bought low-calorie snacks.

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July 30, 2019
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When you’re shopping for low-calorie snacks, it can be difficult to find options that taste good and are good for you. What's the point of those little packs of sugar-filled bites that are less than 150 calories simply because they are too small to fill anyone up? The struggle is real. That's why we’ve rounded up some options that will actually tide you over between meals while providing proper sustenance and nutrition. Whether you’re putting together a small plate for a pre-dinner snack or need to grab something quickly on your way out the door, we’ve got you covered. Keep these products stocked up at your desk, and we promise you'll never reach for a candy bar during your work day again. They’re all under 150 calories per serving, and actually fill you up.


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This salmon jerky is packed with protein and flavor. Try the Lemon Zest and Herb, Sweet and Smoky or Rainbow Peppercorn — or, better yet, grab this variety pack to test out all three!

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There are few snacks more satisfying than a great piece of beef jerky. Don’t believe us? You get a protein-packed, filling bite that simultaneously cures your sweet and savory tooth. Sounds about perfect to us.

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We understand if you don’t find cottage cheese to be the most exciting thing in your fridge, but believe us when we say that this little individual cup is perfect for low-calorie snacking. Mix it with some fruit for a sweet treat or top it with a little salt and pepper for a savory bite.

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We love how light and crunchy these chickpea puffs are. And coming in a variety of flavors including Vegan White Cheddar, Himalayan Happiness and Nacho Vibes, there is a delicious option for everyone.

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Everyone knows nuts are a great low-calorie snack. But these delicious, crunchy nuts are also filled with micronutrients and antioxidants, making them even more worth it in between meals.

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Make snack time a little fancier with these stuffed Spanish olives. Whether you’re setting them out with your cheeseboard or just eating them on their own, you can’t go wrong with keeping your pantry stocked at all times.

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Have you ever wanted your avocado to come with a little crunch to it? We thought so, which is why we’ve included these snackable avocado chips perfect on their own or paired with your favorite dip!

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Cauliflower is the biggest trend taking over healthier-foods at the moment. Just look at all the foods — like gnocchi and rice — that have cauliflower substitutes. Crackers makes perfect sense to join in.

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If you’re a chip fanatic, we have just the snack for you. You’ll love the fresh, natural flavors and satisfying crunch of these rice chips.

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Whether you’re planning on using these seaweed crisps as a base for veggies or rice, or you simply want to eat them solo, you’re in for a delicious surprise with these thin slices of nori.

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Popcorn is certainly not just reserved for the movies — this snack is a great low-calorie option any time of the day. And when you're snacking on Angie's Boom Chicka Pop, which comes in at just 80 calories per serving, you really can't go wrong!

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Naturally low in sugar and high in protein, Chobani's Greek yogurt makes for an ideal breakfast or post-dinner treat.

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