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6 Bone Broth Mix-Ins

Add one or two of these flavorful ingredients to homemade slow-cooker bone broth to make it your own.

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7 Mix-Ins for More Flavorful Bone Broth

Some drink it for nourishment, and others use it as a replacement for their morning coffee. Whatever your reason for liking bone broth, a slow cooker makes it easy to prepare — and eliminates the need to simmer a pot over an open flame for 12-plus hours. Although it's plenty flavorsome on its own, try a few of these flavor additions to customize and brighten your cup.

From Food Network Kitchen, Photos by Heather Ramsdell

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Flavor Pop

Chili butter, fennel pollen, ground Sichuan peppercorns and spicy togarashi (a Japanese chile pepper blend).

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To Steep

Steep thinly sliced garlic, a bag of green or black tea, or ginger coins.

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Savory Characters

Nutritional yeast, miso and dried shiitake mushrooms each add depth and umami.

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