6 Bone Broth Mix-Ins

Add one or two of these flavorful ingredients to homemade slow-cooker bone broth to make it your own.

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7 Mix-Ins for More Flavorful Bone Broth

Some drink it for nourishment, and others use it as a replacement for their morning coffee. Whatever your reason for liking bone broth, a slow cooker makes it easy to prepare — and eliminates the need to simmer a pot over an open flame for 12-plus hours. Although it's plenty flavorsome on its own, try a few of these flavor additions to customize and brighten your cup.

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Flavor Pop

Chili butter, fennel pollen, ground Sichuan peppercorns and spicy togarashi (a Japanese chile pepper blend).

To Steep

Steep thinly sliced garlic, a bag of green or black tea, or ginger coins.

Savory Characters

Nutritional yeast, miso and dried shiitake mushrooms each add depth and umami.


Lemongrass, horseradish and snipped seaweed snacks add herbal flavors to the broth.

Juice Shots

Juices from tomatoes, ginger, yuzu, lemon and parsley add a wonderful boost plus some nutrition.


A shot of beer, kombucha or ginger beer contributes a fizzy element.