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10 Tips for Using Your CSA Box Like a Nutritionist

We asked 10 registered dietitians for their advice on how to make the most of your CSA box this year.

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How to Make the Most of Your CSA Box

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) programs allow for consumers to buy a share of a local farm’s harvest. In exchange for a fee or workshare (or a little of both), farms can provide a weekly variety pack of their harvest. Find out how nutritionists make the most of this seasonal produce.

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Share the Delivery Cost

Many farms offer at-home delivery for an additional fee. Team up with neighbors for drop off at one house and split the delivery cost.

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Chopped Challenge

Bri Bell, dietitian and owner at Frugal Minimalist Kitchen takes a page from the Food Network playbook. "My favorite way to use up veggies from my CSA box is to do a Chopped Challenge! You get a box of mystery ingredients and aim to make a creative dish incorporating all the ingredients in the box! It's a perfect way to use up mystery veggies and involve your family in trying new foods."

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Give Herbs and Greens Some TLC

"Rinse delicate herbs (like parsley and cilantro), and wrap in a thin towel" says dietitian Leanne Ray. "Then store in a zip-top bag or reusable produce bag in the refrigerator. Less prep work later and it will stay crisp and fresh for several days."

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