10 Cooking Gadgets Every College Student Needs This Fall

When dining hall food just won't cut it...

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July 14, 2021
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Getting your college student's kitchen set for the school year should include more than a standard microwave and mini fridge — especially if they've moved to an apartment off campus. There's a multitude of great gadgets that will make learning to cook for one or two (hey, roommates need to eat too) easier than ever. From an air fryer to a breakfast sandwich maker, college students will be more than prepared to cook their way through the school year.


As a college student, no one is expecting you to be a great chef. Something simple like a hard-boiled egg maker might be enough to get you by for quick breakfasts and lunches, and we love this version from Dash. Perfect for meal prepping, you can have enough eggs for a quick bite in the morning or an egg salad sandwich or chef’s salad for lunch.

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Rather than taking a trip to Starbucks every morning for the sous vide egg bites, make your own in the comfort of your own kitchen. This money-saving gadget creates perfectly fluffy and flavorful egg bites that you can customize with the toppings and fillings of your choice.

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Avocado toast is a quick and simple breakfast that can be easily crafted from a small apartment or dorm room kitchen. Make the process even easier with this gadget that will cut your avocado in half, remove the pit and perfectly slice and scoop the halves for your toast.

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Don’t make the trek to the dining hall every time you’re craving French fries. Instead, fry up anything from veggie chips to wings in the comfort of your dorm room. By frying everything in the air fryer, you’ll also make your meal with a lot less oil than the deep-fried version you're bound to get anywhere else nearby.

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Whether you’re crafting a homemade brunch for your roommates or just want to treat yourself with an extra-special breakfast one morning, this mini waffle maker makes it easy. Plus, it’s compact enough to store in even the smallest kitchen, making a no-brainer addition to any college student’s cooking arsenal.

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Instant Pots are great for everything from a quick soup or stew to simple rice and hard-boiled eggs. Whether you’re looking for a way to make most of your meals at home or just need a trust-worthy gadget to help you learn to cook, the Instant Pot can pretty much do it all.

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Always find yourself waiting in the long line at the sandwich station in the dining hall? Then this gadget is for you. Quickly elevate even the simplest sandwich at home for a lunch or dinner that’s better than any takeout option.

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This iced coffee maker is an easy way to simplify your morning routine. Quickly brew a single serving of coffee before your head out to class and save yourself the time (and money) of stopping at a coffee shop on the way.

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This all-in-one gadget will heat up and cook every element of your breakfast sandwich in just five minutes, making it a great option for an on-the-go breakfast or weekend brunch. The layering system has you add bread and pre-cooked meat or cheese first, then the egg and bottom layer of bread. Once cooked, you remove the plates to create a perfectly crafted breakfast sandwich.

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A toaster oven is a classic addition to any kitchen, but it holds even more true for a college student’s kitchen. It makes it easy to quickly cook a meal for one without turning on your stove or oven. This one is compact, meaning it won’t take up too much cabinet or countertop space.

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