All the Essentials Your College Kid's Dorm Room Desperately Needs

(Micro)wave goodbye to overwhelmed shopping!

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July 24, 2019

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Whether you're a bright-eyed freshman, seasoned senior or an overwhelmed parent, moving into college can be a daunting process. You have your bedroom and bathroom essentials to think about all while figuring out what is needed for your actual classes.

Unfortunately, that can sometimes mean kitchen supplies get overlooked in the mess of it all. Whether your child's dorm room comes with a kitchen or not, there are so many gadgets that can make preparing food in tight quarters immensely easier. But don't let all the options overwhelm you. Our suggestion? Take it one step at a time and start with the essentials. That’s why we’ve rounded up the following kitchen must-haves we think your student can’t (and shouldn’t) live without.


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Travel mugs are a lifesaver, especially in college. If your kid is running late because they regrettably took an 8 a.m. class, this is a surefire way to make sure they still get that much-needed caffeine boost.

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Like any studious undergrad knows, a bottle opener is a must. They can use it to open the care packages you send them or to tighten the loose screw on their desk. Perhaps, they can even use it to remove staples from that assignment they thought was perfect but then found a typo in (college lesson #1: proof read!). Maybe, after that they can use that bottle opener to crack open a cold drink to celebrate all of their hard work.

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Never let leftovers go to waste. As any college student knows, that extra Pad Thai or pizza will definitely come in handy during those all-night study sessions.

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On the topic of leftovers, the microwave will be a saving grace when it comes to enjoying all of those classic college food staples. It will be especially handy when a bout of hunger overcomes them well after closing time at the dining hall (did someone say Easy Mac?).

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Coffee is expensive — especially if you’re on a college budget. That's where the Keurig comes into play. It's easy to operate and, thanks to a plethora of K-Cup options (from Starbucks to Folgers), it's super versatile.

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For the nights your college student can’t seem to peel themselves away from the television, this microwave pasta cooker will provide the sustenance needed to keep crushing those episodes. Cooked in a matter of minutes, the pasta will emerge al dente every time. Your kid’s only job? To pick which sauce they're going to put on it. The choices are endless.

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The ability to quickly scramble eggs in the microwave will come in handy for all those times your kid is running late to class or simply can't muster the energy to make it to the dining hall for a substantial breakfast.

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Depending on the layout of their dorm, your kid might not have the best options for water. Rather than stocking up on plastic water bottles, invest in a Brita pitcher that will ensure purified, crisp water.

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It’s time to face the cold, hard truth: Ice cube trays are severely underrated. Unlike ice cubes makers, the trays prove extremely versatile for all kinds of frozen treats. Your student can freeze cubes of coffee to avoid a watered-down disaster. Or, they can freeze leftover Greek yogurt to create the perfect smoothie portions.

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I know they may seem silly and unnecessary, but hear me out. Does anyone like stale, musty tortilla chips with their salsa? Exactly, which stresses our point: Chip clips are non-negotiable. They’ll preserve the freshness and crispness of chips (or whatever they’re enjoying) making snack time that much better.

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