5 Best Mini Freezers for All Your Food Storage Needs

No matter where you need the storage, these mini freezers will fit the space.

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July 20, 2021
By: Taylor Murray
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Anyone who’s ever had the pleasure of living in a dorm room is familiar with the mini-refrigerator. Millions of people also use them in garages, guest rooms, offices — anywhere that handy access to chilled items is needed. What many people don’t know, however, is that you can also buy mini-freezers. These are small appliances dedicated purely for freezing. Whether you have one refrigerator in your house or multiple, there just never seems to be enough freezer space.

Mini-freezers are great for any person who needs just a bit more frozen storage space especially if you're limiting the number of visits to the grocery store and instead opting to visit a wholesale store and stock up for the month. The way to make the most of this kind of grocery shopping habit is to divide things up and freeze. Take advantage of sales on freezable staples such as butter and grains. There are so many different reasons to get a dedicated extra freezer. If you previously thought that getting one was not possible due to space, here are some of our favorite mini-freezers that can fit in even the smallest spaces.

What To Know About Choosing a Mini Freezer

Depending on where you are planning to use your mini freezer, there are tons of options and features to consider. First, you have to determine how much draw on the electricity your spot can handle. Low wattage options don’t necessarily freeze any less well, but there will be a difference in how long it takes to freeze something and how many extra features come included.

Another major thing to consider is front-loading versus top-loading. Top-loading freezers, also known as chest freezers, are more energy-efficient and can be easier to access, especially for those that find crouching down a pain. Front-loading freezers are your basic refrigerator design with a door that swings open from one side. The benefit of this kind of freezer is that it allows you to take advantage of the vertical space above it.

Overall, the specific features of the best freezer are going to be a matter of personal choice. We’ve rounded up the best mini-freezers of each type so you can pick the best one for you.


Mini and regular-sized freezers that open from the top are called chest freezers. This model by Insignia comes in a small size, standing at just 30 inches tall and 22 inches wide. However, just because it’s small, doesn’t mean it can’t hold a ton of food. Some reviewers say it holds more than enough for a family of five.

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This is one of the smallest freezers on the market. At less than 20 square inches, this little appliance is small enough to fit on a countertop, under a desk, or pretty much anywhere. Worried that it’s too small? Don’t worry, it can still fit a frozen pizza (or three) plus much more.

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This mini freezer and refrigerator combo was designed to be multifunctional. It comes with two chargers, so you can plug it into your car or a standard wall socket. The temperature of the cooler is up to you and can be set as low as -4 degrees F. It comes with a fast-cooling mode and an eco mode for energy saving. This mini freezer is a perfect choice if versatility is your main goal.

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This freezer is the perfect pick for anyone who favors form and function. The 1.2 cu ft. model is teeny tiny and will fit almost anywhere. It comes in red, white, or black with a vintage-style handle and clean lines. The fully adjustable temperature means freedom from the choice between freezer and refrigerator. It does not have an automatic defrost.

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At just $130, this is the cheapest model by far. It comes with many features despite the low price. It has an adjustable thermostat, a reversible door, and a stainless steel door. Other than that, however, don’t expect a ton of bells and whistles. For the price, it will get the job done.

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