5 Best Crepe Pans of 2024, Tested and Reviewed

We made dozens of crepes and pancakes to find the best crepe pans and makers.

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Updated on January 17, 2024

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Our Top Crepe Pan Picks

Tested by Joelle Battista for Food Network Kitchen

Crepes may be one of those foods that you love, but only ever eat when you find a crepe cart or see them listed on a menu at a French restaurant. Surprisingly, crepes can be easy and even fun to make at home, and the key is having the right crepe pan or maker. Once you start making crepes, you’ll unlock a world of potential fillings and flavors, so you could have crepes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert!

Crepe pans are made in a variety of materials, and there are even electric options on the market. The pan’s cooking surface material largely controls how easy it is to make and flip the crepes, while the thickness and construction of the pan determine how well the heat is distributed from the center of the pan out to the edges. An electric crepe maker needs to have the right materials to help prevent the delicate crepe batter from sticking, and needs to utilize heating elements in the right places to achieve even heating throughout the cooking surface. Taking all these points, and of course, price, into consideration, we’ve found the pans you’ll love to use, whether you’re a complete novice or are already a crepe-making pro.


From the very first crepe to the last, this pan created perfectly brown and easy-to-flip crepes. The size of the pan, with a cooking surface just over 10 inches in diameter, made for a good-sized crepe: large enough to fill with sweet or savory fillings, but still thin and delicate enough to prepare into a dish like the classic Crepes Suzette. The hard-anodized and triple-reinforced cooking surface made for beautiful browning on every crepe and pancake, with the edges getting just as nicely golden as the centers, without ever burning. This pan comes with a rateau, but the pan is light enough that it’s easy to handle, so we preferred swirling the batter by tilting the pan and had consistently outstanding results. With a lifetime manufacturer warranty and ergonometric design, this pan was perfect for any beginner or crepe pro.

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We loved this pan, almost as much as the winning Le Creuset pan. The heating was even, the pan was light and easy to use, the slight lip on the side made for super easy flipping of crepes and pancakes, and the nonstick surface cleaned up like a dream. The only thing to consider with this pan is that the cooking surface is just over 8 ½ inches in diameter, so the crepes are a little smaller than what you might think of when you think of crepes you’ve eaten out. The crepes made in this pan are still a good size to fold and fill, though. Coming in at a fraction the price of the Le Creuset pan, this Cuisinart Crepe Pan is a perfect option for someone who wants to try their hand at crepe-making without committing to the investment of a pan like the Le Creuset nonstick.


Carbon steel is known for its durability, sustainability, and naturally nonstick properties that increase over time. We were very pleased with the performance of the OXO Carbon Steel Crepe Pan, in both the crepe tests and the pancake tests. There was nice browning on the crepes and pancakes, and they were consistently easy to flip without any sticking. The pan was pretty nonstick, even in the beginning of testing, and got increasingly more nonstick as we used it. We loved the pan’s even weight, making it easy to maneuver, and the removable silicone cover fit perfectly over the steel handle underneath. One of the main things we loved about this pan was the ability to use metal utensils, like a metal offset spatula, which is unlike other traditional nonstick pans. If you’re looking for a naturally nonstick, induction-safe, easy-to-use pan that will stand the test of time, this OXO carbon steel pan is the one for you.


If you swear by cooking with cast iron, this pan was the best cast iron version we tested. While we love the look of this pan and its performance over time, we think it’s a better match for someone who has some experience making crepes or who is willing to put in the time to naturally season the cast iron surface. While the pan didn’t start out very nonstick, it became easier to use and more nonstick over time. The crepes and pancakes browned nicely and, once fully preheated, the pan maintained an even level of heat throughout rounds of cooking. This pan is heavy, and the handle gets hot, so it requires some quick and skilled use of the included rateau and spatula to make the perfect crepes. At the highest price in the group, this pan is a splurge. Those who are willing to put in the time and repeated use will benefit from a pan that has the potential to last decades.


At first, we were worried that the electric crepe makers couldn’t compare to the beautifully browned and easily flipped crepes of the more traditional pans, but this crepe maker exceeded our expectations. The maker was nonstick and heated up evenly from the center to the edges at a rate that ensured that the center wasn’t too dark before the edges were cooked enough to flip. Because of this crepe maker’s slower, gentle heating, we were able to create some of the thinnest and most-perfect looking crepes of the whole test. This crepe maker comes with a rateau and a spatula, both of which are made of smoothly sanded wood and are nicely weighted. The rateau was perfect for spreading the batter evenly over the cooking surface, while the spatula was the perfect thickness to get underneath to flip the crepes without tearing them. This product is perfect for a beginner who wants an easy crepe-making experience without having to contend with the challenges of balancing heat on the stove.

Photo by: Joelle Battista

Joelle Battista

How We Tested

We started by researching the top-rated pans and crepe makers across the market and ordered 10 products that represented the top of each category: nonstick, cast iron, carbon steel, and electric maker. From there, we carefully reviewed the included guides and materials, noting which ones paid special attention to using the product to make crepes. We logged each product’s dimensions and weight, and noted the ergometry and included accessories all before we started cooking. We cleaned and seasoned (if necessary) each pan according to the included instructions and then got to work.

Photo by: Joelle Battista

Joelle Battista

The first and most telling test was making the first crepe on each pan. We used our our Best Crepes recipe without any fillings or additives throughout all of testing to keep the tests consistent and fair. Each pan and maker was heated according to the recipe instructions and brushed with just the slightest amount of oil (according to the recipe) before we added any crepe batter. We noted whether the crepe accessories (if included) were useful, if the crepe stuck at all, if it was easy to flip, and how evenly browned the final crepe was. The first crepe helped indicate how easy the pan or maker would be to use, but to check for consistency and to see how the pans performed over time, we continued to make multiple rounds of crepes on each pan.

After we finished making crepes, we made pancakes to check additionally for sticking, ease of flipping, and evenness of heating. We made at least five pancakes per pan to see how the products all performed over extended use. During each test, we noted the amount of batter sticking (if any), how easy each pan was to maneuver, and how easy each one was to clean. All of these factors determined our top crepe maker picks.

Photo by: Joelle Battista

Joelle Battista

Things to Consider Before Buying a Crepe Pan

  • They don’t have to be one-use-wonders: Crepe pans and makers come in a variety of styles, and many of the best options can be used to make more than just crepes. In fact, if the pan creates good crepes, you can almost guarantee it’ll be even better with things like pancakes or eggs! Pick a pan/maker that can do all the things you want it to, if you’d like to use it for more than just crepes.
  • If storage space is tight, go with a space-saving option: While a lot of the crepe pans we tested were lightweight, slim and easy to store, others were much heavier, and the electric crepe makers could be pretty bulky. If you don’t have a lot of room for another pan or appliance, choosing a compact and lightweight pan is probably your best bet.
  • Know when accessories matter: If you’ve ever seen someone making crepes on a professional crepe maker, you’ve probably seen the chef spread the batter over the large, hot surface with a crepe rateau, or batter spreader. While some of the pans we tested came with accessories like a rateau or spatula, we didn’t always find them necessary, let alone helpful. In some cases, using the accessories actually complicated making the crepes. We learned that the lighter pans don’t need to be used with accessories, because the best way to spread the batter is to quickly lift and tilt the pan until the batter covers the entire cooking surface. If the pan is too heavy to lift/tilt, you’ll be forced to use the batter spreader, which can be tricky, especially for someone who’s never made crepes.
  • Material is key: One of the main things we learned during testing is that if you’re a beginner at making crepes, the material of the pan or crepe maker can make or break your crepe-making experience. If you’d really like to spend time working with the pan, building its non-stick properties over repeated use, you can opt for something like cast iron or carbon steel. If you’re just starting out, and only plan to make crepes occasionally, using a nonstick pan will make everything easier, starting with that very first, trickiest-to-make crepe.

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