The Best Spice Racks to Fit Every Kitchen

Whether you store your spices in the cabinet, on your countertop or in a drawer, there is an organizer to help!

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June 29, 2022

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When storing spices, it's important to look for storage solutions that help you stay organized while also keeping spices in an easily accessible spot for cooking. After all, nothing is worse than finding yourself, mid-recipe, realizing you don't know where your oregano is! From countertop and in-cabinet organizers to liners for drawers and magnetic strips for your walls, there are storage solutions that fit any type of kitchen. We rounded up the best spice racks to help you maintain the most organized kitchen, no matter how you like to store your spices.

What To Consider When Picking a Spice Rack

  • How much space do you have in your kitchen? Do you have an extra drawer or cabinet space that you can dedicate to spices, or are you working with a smaller kitchen and need to get creative? Do you like having your spices displayed on your countertop, or are you looking to have them tucked away? There are options that can work in just about any kitchen with any amount of space, so it’s important to first understand what works best for you.
  • Pre-filled spice rack or an organizer for the spices you already have? Pre-filled racks typically come with around five years of free refills, so depending on what spices you frequently use, that might be a great option. If you’re already stocked with your go-tos, it’s best to look for something that is more focused on organization.
  • How many spices does each rack hold? Some spice racks are definitely better at maximizing space compared to others. While there is no right or wrong number of spices to keep in your kitchen, it’s important to consider how many jars they hold and how much space they take up to ensure it fits your needs.
  • Does it come with labels? If you’re opting for a spice rack that you fill yourself, having included labels is definitely important. Some spice racks also include labels to keep on the outside of each section, so you can easily find what you’re looking for.

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Best Overall


This organizer encompasses a lot of the features we love about the rest of our top spice rack picks. Firstly, it holds 30 full-size (or 60 half-size) spice jars, which is more than most organizers we’ve listed while taking up less space. You can store this organizer in a cabinet or store it on your countertop for easy access. Each drawer pulls out, so you can easily see all the spices you have on-hand, and the labels in front make sure you can find the spice you need quickly.

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Best for Countertops


This revolving countertop rack gives your kitchen a polished look while still optimizing function. Pick between a 16- or 20-jar rack, which includes essential spices such as oregano, basil, garlic salt and more. Don’t worry about what you’ll do when the spices run out this purchase includes five years of free refills.

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If you want something more discrete and aesthetically pleasing, this spice rack functions just as much as a piece of decor. This versatile holder can sit on your counter, be mounted to the wall or fit nicely in a drawer, and your purchase also includes five years of free spice refills.

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Best for Drawers


If you’re having a hard time finding an organizer that fits your drawer, this liner comes in a 10-foot roll and is meant to be cut down to your ideal width. This organizer lays flat on the bottom of your drawer and creates perfectly sized slots for all your jars to sit uniformly. Plus, the non-slip liner keeps the jars from sliding around in the drawer when you close it.

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If you want to prop your jars up and maximize your space, this tiered organizer is a solid option. It starts at 13 inches wide and can expand up to 26 inches, so you can fit it perfectly to your drawer size. For a smaller drawer, this 8-inch organizer is another great tiered option.

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Best for Cabinet


A tiered rack in your cabinet is a great way to make the most of your space while still being able to see everything that you have. We like this rack because it is adjustable up to 25.5 inches and has non-slip grips to keep your spices from sliding around. The base of this tiered rack is also deep enough to store spices in larger jars or other condiments like soy sauce, vinegar and olive oil.

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If your cabinet is big enough to fit a two-tier turntable, this is a great way to double-up on storage. The wide surface area can store a good amount of spices, and the revolving feature makes it easy to see everything in your cabinet.

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If you’re working with a narrow spice cabinet that is too high to see the back of, this spice rack, which slides out, can be really convenient. This single slide out rack can fit about 10 standard-sized spice jars, and the company ensures the slide-out feature is smooth and strong enough once mounted.

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Best for Small Spaces

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If your cabinets are packed and your countertop space is minimal, you might feel out of luck on a good place to store your spices that feels both organized and accessible. Luckily, there are options that maximize space that you probably haven’t considered, including this clip strip which attaches to the inside of your cabinet. The adhesive can mount to most any surface, but we find the concept of using space that otherwise is ignored an extremely smart way to store spices in a small kitchen.

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This magnetic shelf makes great use of the top of your stove for storing spices, condiments, oils and more. The magnetic strip stays firmly in place on your stove, creating a stable and strong shelf in a convenient location while cooking. If you are low on space in your kitchen, this shelf takes advantage of precious space you might not have considered yet.

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These spice tins come with a wall mount where the magnetic tins attach and hang on the wall. The kit also comes with labels, so you can fill your spice tins with all your personal favorites.

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