The Best Vacuum and Mop Combos You Need to Keep Your Kitchen Clean

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August 02, 2022

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Not only can scrubbing your floors be a complete and total pain, it can be hard to find the right vacuum to make sure you’re really getting them as clean as they should be. Add to that all of the different mops out there and it becomes a hassle just to think about.

This is where vacuum-mops come in. While you may have dismissed them in the past because you were concerned that they did each job halfway, after putting them to the test we can confidently say that there are definitely some machines worth your time and money. We tested five different models, all of which have some sort of water-based mopping component. Surprisingly, we found that there are decent options for every budget.

How We Tested

Luckily, my King Charles Spaniel dog was made for helping me test out vacuums — and that’s because she sheds constantly and everywhere. I also live in New York City, so the idea of mopping the germs that are tracked in from the sidewalks isn’t a terrible consideration. All of that being said, I tried to thoroughly go over our floors each day with a different vacuum mop. Sometimes I would wait a couple of days in between in order to allow a bit of time between using each machine.

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This little guy was a powerhouse. First off, it emitted a ton of water but not so much that you felt like it was unnecessary. It was the perfect amount to set its four scrubbing brushes to work. And boy, did they ever work. I felt like these brushes could have scrubbed stains off the floors, honestly. It left my floors feeling cleaner than they ever have before, almost as if they were done professionally. I’ll also say that the bristles themselves are super easy to detach and clean, even if you have hair that typically gets tangled up in vacuums.

Now, let’s talk about the mechanics. It was easy to put in the water, and it comes with its own cleaning solution, which I loved since buying a separate one feels like a hassle (and potentially lead to varied results). It has aluminum instead of plastic handles, which not only made it feel sturdier but made it easy to assemble. It’s also user-friendly — I felt like I could pop it right out of the box and start using it immediately without any setup. Overall, this was my favorite option, both for the price and for its ease of use. It also produces some serious results.

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This was the option that was a close runner-up to my favorite. It is definitely the most sleek looking option, and it’s a nice size that wouldn’t make it too cumbersome for storing. Instead of bristles, it features something that looks very similar to a paint roller. This makes it easy to switch out and clean, and I really think it does offer a good amount of buffing.

I will give this one all the stars for its suction power. It’s probably the only one on the list that was just as strong as a traditional vacuum, making its mopping ability really just the cherry on top. It comes with its own cleaner and has a water reserve that allows you to steam the floors as well. Perhaps the best part is that this vacuum is completely cordless and it can last for up to 30 minutes. I initially worried that this would result in less power, but that definitely isn’t the case.

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If you’re looking for something small that really gets the job done, this is your go-to. First off, they deserve a cheer just for the ease of assembly and un-boxing. It comes right out the box in three pieces that are connected with a cord. You pop them on top of each other, and you’re ready to go.

Similar to a Swiffer, it does have little pads that you have to buy and put on the bottom for each use. That said, it has a tank that sprays cleaning solution on the front, and it’s nice to be able to see how much is dispensed. The sprayer is activated with the press of a button, and so is the cleaning pad release. It also comes with a really compact magnetic charger that’s as easy to store as the mop itself.

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Although you have to download an app and let it charge before it’s ready to be used, it’s a truly handy tool to have around that requires little extra work. I definitely wouldn’t say that it will replace a mop in your life, but it will certainly keep your floors free of dust and debris. This is one of the best options if you have pets and you constantly find yourself picking up tumbleweeds of fur.

The best part about this robot vacuum is that you can control it from an app. So, if you’re leaving the office and you want your house to be clean when you get home, this is the way to go. It has a little brush that allows it to get corners so you don’t have to worry about it just pushing the dirt out of sight. It also has a long-lasting battery that can cover a home larger than 2,000-square-feet in one charge. When it’s done, it will bring itself back to the magnetic docking station for a charge.

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