3 Best Salad Spinners, Tested by Food Network Kitchen

We spun multiple heads of romaine to find the best salad spinners.

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April 13, 2021
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Our Top Salad Spinner Picks:

Tested by Lambeth Hochwald for Food Network Kitchen

Whether you’re an every now-and-then salad maker or a person who considers a homemade salad a day to be the best kind of day, salad spinners are a kitchen staple. Sure, you can drip dry your greens in between paper towels or dish towels, but when only the crispest of greens will do, a salad spinner will do the trick. So what factors make for a standout salad spinner? We tested eight before narrowing down our list of winners to the three best.


There’s a reason this BPA-free spinner is an award-winner. It’s more than up to the task — just press down once on a soft, non-slip knob and the moisture will wick right off your greens. (Yup, just one press and you'll get pretty close-to-dry greens.) When you’re ready, the built-in break button puts a stop to the spinning and the non-slip base means the appliance will spin steadily while you prep the rest of the veggies for your salad. It’s super easy to clean and the lid comes apart for easy rinsing. We know you’re going to reach often for this workhorse of a spinner that’s built to last. Plus, OXO's salad spinners come in a variety of sizes.

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One of the coolest features of this BPA-free lime green and white spinner is its hole-in-the-top design. This enables you to add and drain water in your spinner without ever having to remove the lid, which has locks on the sides to prevent your greens from spilling. You’ll appreciate this timesaving trick and the fact that turning the spinning knob won’t take much effort. This spinner took about five to six pushes to get greens dry. Bonus: If you have a small-sized kitchen, you won’t need a lot of cabinet space to store it in between spins.

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There’s nothing low-rent about this spinner. It’s as fancy as it is functional and it’s got heft thanks to its glass lid and heavy stainless steel bowl, which most definitely can transition right to your dining room table once you’ve spun your greens dry. Sure you’ll have to crank the lid to start the spin, but you’ll hear nothing but silence as the gadget quickly goes to work to remove excess water.

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How We Tested

We tested eight top-rated, well-reviewed salad spinners on the market. We studied the instructions for each spinner before placing two cups of chopped romaine lettuce into the basin of each spinner. We then rinsed the leaves using the same amount of water. To determine the best spinner, we timed how fast the lettuce dried and how many spins it took, how much water drained from the lettuce and how seamless it was to use the spinner. We also noted if there were any design flaws and if the product lived up to its claims.

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