Recipe courtesy of Little Sister Resort

Fish Boil

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  • Total: 40 min
  • Prep: 5 min
  • Cook: 35 min
  • Yield: 10 servings
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10 chunks or steaked pieces Lake Michigan Whitefish (10 to 12 ounces each)

2 pounds salt

20 new waxy red potatoes

30 small onions (approximately 1 1/2-inch diameter)

1/2 pound butter, melted

10 lemon wedges


  1. Fill a 24 quart kettle 3/4 full of water. Place over open fire or on stove and bring to boil. Add potatoes and 1 pound of salt. When boil resumes, time for 8 minutes. Then add onions wait until boil resumes then time for 2 minutes. Add whitefish and remaining salt. After 14 additional minutes of boiling dinner is ready. Broth may be ladled off prior to serving. Or use a slotted spoon to retrieve food from kettle.
  2. Fish is placed on plate along with 2 potatoes and 3 onions, melted butter is then ladled over and garnished with lemon wedge.