Creative Margarita Recipes

There are few things better than a classic margarita, but if you want to put a twist on the classic, here are some fun, fruity, frosty and creative updates.

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Sip your way to a warm-weather getaway with this frosty spin on a classic margarita. Each drink calls for tequila, orange liqueur, fresh lime juice and an entire cup of frozen mango.

Get the Recipe: Mango Margarita

Passion Fruit Margaritas

Passion fruit nectar adds a tropical flavor and bright color to the classic on-the-rocks margarita.

Get the Recipe: Passion Fruit Margaritas

White Christmas Margarita

Who says margaritas are just a warm-weather drink? This margarita conjures the Christmas spirit, with a snowy-white look (thanks to a touch of coconut milk), plus cranberry ice cubes for a pop of color.

Get the Recipe: White Christmas Margarita

Jalapeno Margaritas

A whole jalapeno adds a spark of heat to this pitcher of margaritas. In addition to classic margarita ingredients and a bit of confectioners’ sugar, the drink has the surprising addition of celery leaves to cool the heat and make this the coolest, hottest drink you can shake.

Get the Recipe: Jalapeno Margaritas

Ice Cream Maker Margaritas

The secret to perfectly slushy margaritas is your ice cream maker! Chill the tequila, orange liqueur and lime juice ahead of time for a quick-churned path to frosty margarita bliss.

Get the Recipe: Ice Cream Maker Margaritas

Frozen Watermelon Margarita for Two

This frosty, vivid drink is a fun, refreshing twist on the classic frozen margarita. Sweet, juicy watermelon adds a refreshing twist to the ultra-popular classic frozen margarita. With a bold pop of color, it’s the ultimate warm-weather twist on a margarita.

Get the Recipe: Frosty Watermelon Margaritas

Margarita Pie

Who says a margarita needs to be in a glass? This clever dessert takes the elements of the classic cocktail — tequila, orange liqueur and lime juice — and serves it Key lime pie-style, in a graham cracker crust. Don't skip the salted lime wedge garnish!

Get the Recipe: Margarita Pie

Cherry-Lime Margarita

Imagine a classic soda-fountain order, in margarita form. This sweet-tart cocktail combines cherry juice, grenadine and a lime slice with tequila and orange liqueur. Garnish it with a maraschino cherry for added flair.

Get the Recipe: Cherry-Lime Margarita

Pineapple-Chili Margaritas

Rim your margarita glasses with a mixture of coarse salt and chile powder for this pineapple-spiked take on a margarita.

Get the Recipe: Pineapple-Chili Margaritas

Orange Blossom Margarita

Honey and orange combine for a delightful sweet spin on the classic margarita. We love how the perfume of the orange blossom water — used to wet the rim of the glass — mixes with the tequila, orange liqueur and lime.

Get the Recipe: Orange Blossom Margarita

Green Margarita

Get your greens in during cocktail hour. Juice a lemon-spritzed combo of apple, romaine, cucumber and hearty greens, then add it to your tequila and orange liqueur, with a salty rim to balance the verdant flavor.

Get the Recipe: Green Margarita

Frozen Hibiscus Margaritas

This frozen margarita gets its bright color from dried hisbiscus flowers. Use them to make a hibiscus simple syrup, then blend with classic margarita ingredients and garnish with lime.

Get the Recipe: Frozen Hibiscus Margaritas

Paloma Margaritas

Grapefruit juice adds a sweet-tart kick to cocktail hour. Add additional citrus flavor with a float of grapefruit soda.

Get the Recipe: Paloma Cocktails with Grenadine

Margarita Jelly Shots

This recipe turns a classic margarita into jelly shot form, thanks to a packet of gelatin, some seltzer water, plus limes, sugar, tequila and orange liqueur.

Get the Recipe: Margarita Jelly Shots