Top Margarita Recipes for a Party

From frozen to fruity to on the rocks, shake up margaritas to pair with your favorite Mexican dishes.

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©Food/Prop Styling: Paul Lowe

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Classic Margaritas

Tequila, lime juice, orange-flavored liqueur and sugar are all you need for these go-to margaritas.

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Passion Fruit Margarita

The addition of passion fruit nectar to a classic margarita makes for a refreshing drink with a tropical flair.

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Pomegranate Margarita

Wash down tacos with Tyler's margarita that's blended with pomegranate juice.

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Jalapeno Margaritas

Make a big batch of margaritas with a spicy twist. Pulse a jalapeno with celery leaves and fresh lime juice before adding tequila and serving on the rocks.

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Pineapple-Chili Margaritas

Rim your margarita glasses with a mixture of coarse salt and chili powder.

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Mango Margaritas

The Pioneer Woman serves blended mango margaritas with a lime sugar rim.

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Make your own Simple Syrup to sweeten these classic margaritas.

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Spicy Margarita

Rim the glass with a spicy salt blend of lime zest, ancho chile powder and chipotle chile powder for an extra kick with every sip.

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Acai Margarita

You only need three ingredients for Sandra's simple margarita that is blended with acai berry juice.

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Mango Margarita

Use mango nectar to sweeten Sandra's frozen drink.

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