Recipe courtesy of James O'Shea

West Street Grill Maine Coast Sea Vegetable Stock

  • Level: Easy
  • Yield: 6 to 6 1/2 cups
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2 ounces Kelp (Kombu) Maine Coast Sea Vegetables

8 cups of Filtered Spring/Mineral Water

1 1/2 ounces Bonito Flakes (1 package)

1/2 cup Spring Water


  1. Preparation: Place the Kelp and spring water in a large stock pot. Slowly bring up to under a boil over medium/medium low heat for 10 minutes or so. As fine bubbles appear at the side of the pot remove a thick piece of Kelp and press your thumbnail into the thickest part of the seaweed. If it pierces the Kelp easily, the flavor has been released. If not, return to the pot for one or two minutes longer. Never allow the water to boil while the Kelp is in the pot. Remove the Seaweed and reserve for other uses. When the stock returns to a boil add 1/2 cup of Spring Water and the Bonito Flakes. Immediately remove from the heat and skim the foam from the surface. When the Bonito Flakes sink to the bottom, strain the stock through a very fine mesh sieve lined with cotton flannel to clarify and remove any particles.

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