11 Best Bets for Summer from Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives

Browse Guy Fieri's favorite summer fare from Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives.

Octopus Taco — Asi Y Asado (Cabo San Lucas, Mex.)

You'll have to go south of the border to get this interesting combo, but according to all of the locals, it's worth the trip. Inside this one are freshly cooked octopus and pico de gallo.

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Vampiro — Asi Y Asado (Cabo San Lucas, Mex.)

Here, the tortillas and the sauce reign supreme. They're both homemade every day for dishes like this pork and pineapple tostada, which includes the restaurant's classic grilled (not fried) tortilla.

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Double Cheeseburger — Bobo's Drive In (Topeka, Kan.)

Being the most-popular item on the menu, this double cheeseburger has served multiple generations at Bobo's. With classic toppings, it's a no-frills favorite.

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Bobo's Chili — Bobo's Drive In (Topeka, Kan.)

Locals say this place hasn't changed its menu in decades, so its chili recipe is known throughout the town. Not surprisingly, the recipe itself hasn't changed since the restaurant opened more than 30 years ago.

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Apple Pie — Bobo's Drive In (Topeka, Kan.)

It might not be an obvious choice for a drive-in's menu, but people come from all around for this homemade apple pie. Served with vanilla ice cream, it's another time-tested favorite.

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Waffle Cones — Doumar's (Norfolk, Va.)

Abe Doumar invented the waffle cone at the St. Louis World's Fair in 1904, and that original waffle machine has been the heart of this ice cream joint ever since.

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Orange Sherbet Freeze — Doumar's (Norfolk, Va.)

You can get any ice cream you want in freeze form at Doumar's, but the orange sherbet version is one of their best-sellers. With just a few add-ins (soda water, simple syrup and vanilla soft-serve), it's simple and ready in a flash.

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Pulled Pork — Jay Bee's Bar-B-Que (Gardena, Calif.)

What is essentially a shack on the side of the street serves up some of the most satisfying 'cue around, including this pulled pork sandwich that gets a healthy dose of Jay Bee's tangy barbecue sauce.

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Ribs — Jay Bee's Bar-B-Que (Gardena, Calif.)

After being rubbed with chili powder, seasoned salt and paprika, these ribs are thrown into a smoker with hickory wood for about four hours. They're done when they start to fall apart.

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Whole Dungeness Crab — Pier 23 Cafe (San Francisco)

Personally selected for the show by Guy himself, this spot is about as sea-centric as you can find. It's known for its Dungeness crab in a homemade garlic butter sauce.

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Mahi Mahi Fish Tacos — Pier 23 Cafe (San Francisco)

These tacos are always on the menu, but the fish inside of them is always the best catch of the day. The mahi mahi version is stuffed to the max and served with slaw that is made to order.

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