Next Food Network Star, Season 6: Model Behavior on the Set

Get a detailed look at the intricate set models of The Next Food Network Star, Season 6.

Creative Visualization

Renowned production designer Joe Stewart set to work months in advance. “We use a ground plan,” he says, “to describe where the walls are going to go and where we’re going to place furniture--and in this case stoves. Then we make a model.”

Set Within a Set

Stewart and his team needed to create destinations. Just like the finalists, they needed to include in their modeling spaces that would accommodate cooking as well as shooting.

Game Plan

Stewart needed to scale models that included room for big appliances, plus small ones and ingredients for cooking. “These things have to be accessible to the contestants so they can run from here to there,” he says. “Furthermore, everything has to be accessible to the cameras.”

Who's Who

The set includes working sinks and stoves, of course, but also a giant pantry and generous spaces for shooting demos, kitchen prepwork and the Selection Committee.