How to Use a Brulee Torch

That trusty kitchen tool can be used for a variety of dishes — including these toasted marshmallow cupcakes.

Episode: Conquer and Cook

One of our loyal Kitchen viewers asked:

"I bought a brulee torch to make creme brulee for a dinner party, but now it just sits in my drawer. What else can I use it for?"

There are so many great uses for your brulee torch, but one of our favorites is to make a toasty marshmallow topping for cupcakes instead of frosting. Simply spray an ice cream scoop with cooking spray and scoop a generous amount of marshmallow cream onto an unfrosted cupcake. We love pumpkin spice, but you can use chocolate or whatever you like. Following the manufacturer's instructions for the torch, toast the marshmallow cream until it is golden to dark brown, about 10 seconds. That's it! Easy toasted marshmallow cupcakes!

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