"Shop It, Don't Chop It" Spicy Chicken Stir-Fry

Navigating weeknight meals can be a challenge. First, you have to shop, then you have to chop--and then there's the cooking. The good news is that The Kitchen has eliminated a few steps by selecting the best pre-chopped and ready-made supermarket ingredients. We've also combined these timesavers to make a delicious Spicy Chicken Stir-Fry.

Spicy chicken stir fry, as seen on Food Network's The Kitchen.

Photo by: David Katz

David Katz

Butternut squash is a superfood with many vitamins and nutrients, making it a great addition to a stir-fry. You can pick up the pre-cut variety in the produce aisle. While the pre-cut squash may cost a little more, it is one of the hardest vegetables to break down. Buying it this way saves you a ton of time as well as the elbow grease of chopping.

To add powerful antioxidants and a protein punch, grab a bag of pre-shelled edamame from your grocer's freezer. Because they are frozen, many of the nutrients are retained. Edamame are available shelled so you can add the beans right from the bag--no shelling!

Fire-roasted peppers are found in the freezer section. Although the frozen option is a little more expensive, time is money. Use the frozen veggies to skip the hassle of washing, cutting, coring and seeding. Since the peppers are fire roasted before being frozen, they add a slightly smoky flavor to your dish and allow you to skip the steps of grilling, steaming and peeling each pepper. Adding the peppers is a terrific way to impart another layer of flavor.

When it comes to the sauce, the international aisle is your friend. That's where you will find a good selection of flavor-packed sauces, including the spicy peanut dipping sauce typically eaten with chicken satay. It can be found in a bottle or jar and adds a nutty spice to your stir-fry. The flavors are a mix of peanut, ginger and garlic.

So, no more boring stir-fry. Shop, don't chop!

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