Food Network's Highest-Rated Thanksgiving Recipes

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Herb-Roasted Turkey Breast

Herb-Roasted Turkey Breast; Ina Garten

Photo by: Tara Donne

Tara Donne

With less than 48 hours to go before Turkey Day, you're in the homestretch. If you’re still looking for that show-stopping Thanksgiving recipe, we've rounded up our 20 best Thanksgiving recipes of all time. With five-star recipes and more than 10,000 reviews, you’ve got your pick of tried-and-true recipes for the holiday.

1. Ina's Herb-Roasted Turkey Breast (pictured above)

By using a 6.5- to 7-pound whole bone-in turkey breast, you can shave hours off of turkey-cooking time. Ina's garlic-and-herb-smothered bird cooks up in just two hours. If you're looking for a no-fuss turkey recipe, this one is tops. One fan says: "The turkey breast came out perfectly seasoned and juicy! I couldn't believe how easy it was."

Baked Mashed Potatoes with Parmesan Cheese and Bread Crumbs

Baked Mashed Potatoes with Parmesan Cheese and Bread Crumbs

Photo by: Tara Donne ©Tara Donne

Tara Donne, Tara Donne

Freshly grated Parmesan and mozzarella cheeses are the key to Giada's twist on classic mashed potatoes. You can prep the dish up to six hours ahead of time, then give yourself 20 minutes to let it bake in the oven before serving. "You'll never make regular mashed again after you taste this," says one Food Network fan.

Photo by: Tara Donne ©2009, Tara Donne

Tara Donne, 2009, Tara Donne

Rachael dresses up store-bought stuffing mix with celery, apples and onions. Bake the stuffing in muffin cups for perfectly portioned individual servings. One Food Network fan notes, "They are so delicious, and guests loved the novelty of everyone getting a crispy bite."

Tyler's classic cheesecake is a welcome addition to the apple and pecan desserts that fill your holiday spread. The beautiful presentation is thanks to a lemon-blueberry topping that requires only three ingredients. Food Network fans agree that this is one of their favorite cheesecake recipes; "I've made this a couple times and followed the recipe to the letter. It is the best cheesecake I’ve ever tasted. It is moist, creamy, perfectly sweet and totally easy," one fan says.

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