Gelato Sushi Is Way More Appealing Than It Sounds

“Sushi gelato” (i.e., gelato with raw fish in it) may not sound so great, but “gelato sushi” is another matter entirely. The latter is gelato shaped into pretty sushi-like icy bonbons — and you can now get it at a new ice cream shop in New York City’s East Village.

The shop, appropriately called Gelarto, offers a range of attractive frozen treats, but none more so than its gelato sushi, which can be ordered in sets of four for $12. (They come on a sushi platter, complete with chopsticks.)

The gorgeously stylized cold confections include flavors like mango and coconut. One especially adorable piece of gelato sushi has a Swedish fish draped across it all ahi-like only sweeter and cuter.

Gelarto’s whimsy doesn’t stop at the plate. The shop features funky seating, including a table bench in the shape of the back of a red Fiat and Vespa-shaped stools (reportedly left over from the space’s longtime previous tenant, a neighborhood-staple coffee shop called Café Pick Me Up).

Gelarto also serves up other delicious-looking delights — ice cream sandwiches on a brioche bun crossed with a waffle, for instance — but none so daintily darling as those colorful gelato sushi. They are, the shop boasts on Instagram, “the perfect date snack.”

Nothing fishy about that claim.

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Photo courtesy of @gelarto

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