Wild Cherry Fanta Is Headed Your Way

Pretty sure there's already a Cherry Fanta, but who’s quibbling?

Fanta-astic news for wild cherry soda fans: Fanta is launching a new Wild Cherry flavor, the first new flavor since Green Apple Fanta was launched, one year ago.

Yes, there is already a Cherry Fanta, but who’s quibbling? This one’s wild. It features a “distinctly tart yet sweet profile” combining “refreshing fruit notes with a sharp edge,” the company says, boasting that the new flavor is “so bold that five senses may not be enough.”


Sixth senses aside, Wild Cherry Fanta is also a bit lower in sugar than other Fanta flavors -- less than 11g of sugar per 100mL -- so that’s a plus. (Regular Cherry Fanta has 44g of sugar in a 12 oz. can, which translates to about 12.4 grams per 100mL.)

The new, spring-targeted flavor will roll out this month in the Southeast, Southwest and Midwest and will be available in 12 oz. aluminum cans, 20 oz. bottles and 2-liter bottles.

Debra Origel, associate brand manager of Fanta said in a release that cherry is a fan favorite across the Coca-Cola product lineup and so it made sense as a new launch for the brand.

“When it came time to launch a new flavor, we knew it had to be Wild Cherry based on the overwhelmingly positive response we received,” she said. “With Fanta Wild Cherry, we’re giving consumers what they love.”

Kind of them, really.

Photo courtesy of @aayee_p33

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