The World’s Skimpiest Ham Sandwich?

A New Zealand diner claims to have been served a ham sandwich with only two wafer-thin strips of ham perched on the bread, and the Internet is outraged.

Ham and Cheese Sandwich with Potato Chips


Ham and Cheese Sandwich with Potato Chips

Photo by: Andrea Scala ©Andrea Scala

Andrea Scala, Andrea Scala

Buying a prepared sandwich is sort of a leap of faith. You never know how much meat (or cheese or whatever you prefer) the sandwich maker will pile onto your bread (or roll or whatever you prefer) before placing a matching slice atop it, halving it and handing it your way. But you’ve got to trust that they’ll do you justice with a generous portion, and generally they do.

Generally … but not always.

A woman in Auckland, New Zealand, claims to have been served a sandwich at a local bakery featuring two slices of white bread with only two very narrow strips of ham perched on the edge, near the half line, so that the sandwich looked meatier than it truly was. Opening up, she appears to have found a lot of empty bread.

The diner posted a photo said to depict the disappointing ham sammie – which at least one media outlet has dubbed "the world’s stingiest sandwich" — on the bakery’s Facebook page (see a repost of the photo here), but the bakery insists the skimpy sandwich was not one of theirs.

"It's not right. We do a whole piece of ham and salad and cheese in it," a bakery spokesperson told New Zealand’s Newshub, adding that skeptical sorts should come to the bakery and see the sandwiches for themselves.

And while the Internet appears outraged, the original poster seems to be taking her hint-of-ham sandwich in stride. She told Newshub that she ate the sandwich — mostly bread – despite its shortcomings and found it to be "yum."

Kind of the sandwich version of a glass-half-full attitude, eh?

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