We're a Little Frightened That Kale Candy Canes Exist

Novelty maker Archie McPhee promises ‘All the flavor of kale with none of the nutritional benefits’ – and is offering pizza- and ham-flavored candy canes, too.

Remember last year, when Mac & Cheese Candy Canes caused a stir?

Well, this year, novelty candy and toy maker Archie McPhee has embraced the movement toward healthy eating – kind of – by releasing Kale Candy Canes in advance of the upcoming holiday season.

“All the flavor of kale with none of the nutritional benefits!” the company boasted on Instagram.

The green and white striped, 5.25”-tall candy canes, which come six in a box for $6.50, taste “just like the kale you love,” Archie McPhee declares on its product page, adding, “No more pesky holiday flavors to worry about, just the bitter grassiness of your favorite vegetable.”

The kale-flavored candy canes have been met with a mixed response online. While one presumably kale-loving Instagrammer declared that he had just placed an order for them, others called the kale twist on a holiday stocking staple yucky, nightmarish and even "Sadistic."

But no worries, those who are not into the kale candy cane concept, have two other weird new flavors to choose from. Archie McPhee has also introduced red-and-yellow-striped Pizza Candy Canes, each of which the novelty candy company says is like “a little slice of Italian-spiced heaven,” and pink-and-white-striped Hamdy Canes, which they claim taste “like a slice of ham,”

“We think ham flavor is going to be the pumpkin spice of Christmas,” Archie McPhee predicts.

Can’t wait to see what flavors the company comes up with next year? That makes one of us.

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