Prepare to Be Obsessed with The Cheesecake Factory's New Ice Creams

Because you should never have to ask yourself 'cheesecake or ice cream?' again.

Life is filled with tough decisions, but “Do I want to spend my precious dessert calories on cheesecake or ice cream?” no longer need be one of them. That’s thanks to The Cheesecake Factory’s newly announced plan to release a line of premium ice creams inspired by the cheesecakes for which the chain is famous.

The ice cream line, launched in partnership with Iowa-based ice cream manufacturer Wells Enterprises, Inc., which counts Blue Bunny and Halo Top among its brands, will come in seven cheesecake-inspired flavors.

So, OK, you will still have to make some tough decisions.

Those premium ice-cream flavors, each of which will include a “signature” blend of cream cheese and sour cream (“real cheesecake ingredients,” a press release boasts), will be Birthday Cake (cake pieces, icing swirls and candy sprinkles in cake-flavored cheesecake ice cream), Chocolate (chocolate fudge swirls in chocolate cheesecake ice cream) Cookies & Cream (chocolate cookie swirls in cookies & cream cheesecake ice cream) and Key Lime (graham swirls in key lime cheesecake ice cream) as well as Original (graham swirls in cheesecake ice cream), Salted Caramel (sea salt caramel and graham swirls in caramel cheesecake ice cream) and Strawberry (strawberry and graham swirls in strawberry cheesecake ice cream). (Phew!)

All seven flavors in The Cheesecake Factory At Home Premium Cheesecake Ice Cream line, retailing for $4.99 for a 14-ounce carton, will be available in grocery stores across the nation in March 2020.

Get out your spoons … and maybe your dessert forks, too.

Photo courtesy of The Cheesecake Factory

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