Gluten-Free Beers That Don't Skimp on Flavor

From pale ales to IPAs, we've got you covered.

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March 13, 2020


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With St. Patrick's Day on the way, if you're gluten-free, toasting the holiday with a beer requires a bit more planning. Turns out, though, finding a gluten-free beer that lives up to any beer lovers' standards isn't as challenging as one might think. These bottles boast classic flavors like hops, citrus and floral notes in varieties that include pale ale, lager and even IPA. You’ll be able to enjoy these options just as much as a regular beer. Green food coloring, optional.

New Belgium brews this pale ale with an enzyme that helps break down gluten, so gluten-free folks don't need to worry! The brew has notes of guava, papaya and other stone fruits to give it a refreshing, almost sweet flavor.

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This Wisconsin-based beer was actually the first gluten-free brew available in the United States. It’s made from sorghum, hops, water rice and gluten-free yeast.

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This beer from a popular Spanish brewery has won lots of international awards. It tastes malty and clean, and has notes of fresh spices. Plus, who doesn't want to try an award-winning beverage?

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This Canadian brewery has a few show-stopping brews that are gluten-free, and absolutely delicious. The blonde ale is a total standout. It was the brewery’s first official creation, and it’s fresh, floral and lemony while also packing a punch thanks to its dry finish.

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This Stone IPA creation is a real treat — literally. While it’s just reduced-gluten (which is more appropriate for those just trying to avoid gluten as a personal preference and not for a health reason), it has a lemon flavor that is reminiscent of actual candy paired with hops and spices. The flavor could be described as intense and fruity — and absolutely, as the name conveys, delicious.

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If caramel and malt flavors are what you look for in a beer — look no further. This pale ale is bold and unique, and absolutely delicious. While the brand notes that this beer may contain some gluten, they do brew the beer with an enzyme that breaks apart gluten chains, so it's also better for those avoiding gluten as a personal preference.

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Ready for summer? This beer will definitely have you longing for warmer weather. It manages to have lots of citrus flavor without being too bitter. It’s also still strong and refreshing — and smells amazing! You can order it online in most states from the site, or check its availability near you here.

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