13 Canned, Boxed and Bottled Cold Brew Coffees to Drink Year-Round

We tried more than a dozen store-bought cold brew coffees to find the very best ones to drink all year.

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September 05, 2020
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We consider cold brew coffee a year-round thing. (Hey, even Starbucks brought back a cold brew-based pumpkin drink this year.) Whether you prefer to drink yours black or you add a splash of almond, oat or dairy milk, there’s no doubt that cold brew is the queen bean. If you haven’t jumped on the cold brew trend as of yet or you’re just looking for a new blend, we have some exciting news for you. After downing numerous glasses of boxed, canned and bottled cold brew concentrates and nitro and draft lattes, we’ve rounded up the best (and the most affordable) on the market right now. And there’s truly something for everyone — we’re talking to you hot coffee drinkers (because, yes, you can, and you should heat cold brew coffee.) Here are all the brands that had us grabbing a second glass.

$60 for 6 bottles

We couldn’t get enough of this French Vanilla coffee concentrate from Grady’s Cold Brew. Made from a bold blend of water, coffee, chicory, vanilla flavoring and other spices, each bottle is brewed for 20 hours to give you an ultra-smooth and velvety cup of cold brew coffee with each and every pour. What we loved most about this French Vanilla variety is that it gives you the perfect amount of warm vanilla notes without being overly sweet or sugary. Whether you dilute it with a splash of water or add a touch of cream, it’s a must-buy. If vanilla isn’t for you, be sure to try the brand’s New Orleans or Hazelnut Mocha flavors — they’re just as irresistible.

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$40.06 for 12 cans

Anyone who has ever had the pleasure of drinking their Classico or Intenso roasts knows that when it comes to a robust cup of coffee or espresso, you just can’t beat illy. Not only is this the brand’s very first canned cold brew offering, it’s made from their signature blend of 100% Arabica beans and brewed for 12 hours to give you subtle hints of citrus and caramel with each and every sip. Follow our lead and enjoy a can while sitting outside in the afternoon sun — you'll feel just like you're in Italy.

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$33.00 for 2 bottles

New Jersey natives swear by Rook’s New Orleans Style Cold Brew coffee and we’re convinced you will too, after these chic cold-packed bottles arrive at your doorstep. Infused with notes of dark chocolate and woodsy chicory, this cold brew concentrate had us feeling like we could take on absolutely anything after drinking it — even the remaining months of 2020! Go ahead and add a splash of heavy cream to your very first cup — it’ll taste just like melted coffee ice cream.

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$24.00 for 6 cartons

Love changing up your coffee order every day? Then this cold brew variety pack from Stumptown Coffee Roasters is the thing for you. Not only does it come with two cartons of each flavor — Original, Chocolate and Horchata — each one also contains a splash of oat milk, so you don't need to worry about spending additional money on alternative milk, either. We liked the sweet and spicy Horchata flavor best of all. Do yourself a favor and pour it over ice; it's literally a dessert in a glass.

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If you're a fan of Starbucks' in-store Nitro cold brew but find yourself too busy to run in and grab one during the morning or afternoon rush, this on-the-go canned version is just the thing for you. Not only is each one infused with nitrogen to give you a luscious and bubbly foam when you crack it open, it tastes exactly like the velvety fresh-from-the-tap version they sell in stores. We loved the Dark Caramel flavor best of all — with hints of toasty caramel and smooth dark coffee, it had us instantly grabbing a second can. Be sure to try their Unsweetened Black and Vanilla Sweet Cream versions, too, to give yourself an instant boost on even the busiest of days.

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$36.00 for 12 cans

We tried all four flavors in this Draft Latte Variety Pack from La Colombe, and we enjoyed them all so much that we just couldn’t pick a favorite. Something tells us you probably won’t be able to either — they’re just that good. Each canned latte is packed full of cold brew coffee and silky nitrogen-infused milk to give you a foamy cafe-quality drink right at home. Follow our lead and drink your Double Shot and Triple draft lattes in the afternoon; you’ll instantly feel reinvigorated to take on the rest of your day. And go ahead and save the cocoa-infused Mocha and floral Vanilla lattes for Thursday or Friday morning — they're the ultimate way to #treatyourself at the end of a long week.

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$25.09 for 12 cans

Cold and hot coffee fans know that when it comes to flavored beans and roasts, you just can’t beat caramel. Califia Farms ups the ante with this frothy canned nitro latte which combines irresistible salted caramel flavoring with whole grain oat milk to give you an ultra-smooth and healthy alternative to all those other sugary caramel coffee drinks out there. At just 80 calories per can and containing the same dose of caffeine as a shot of espresso, it gives a whole new meaning to the phrase "morning pick-me-up." The cans are also shelf stable, so go ahead and order a few boxes; we know we will be.

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$56.99 for 12 cartons

If you’re looking for coffee that actually tastes like coffee, this organic cold brew from Wandering Bear is a must. With four espresso shots worth of caffeine in every carton, this extra strong straight black blend is just what you need to kickstart your Monday morning or power you through a busy weekend. Take it from us — all you need to do is pour it over some ice and start sipping.

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Drinking cold brew every morning has never been easier thanks to this bottled coffee concentrate from Starbucks. Not only is it sleek enough to fit in your refrigerator without taking up too much shelf space, you can also make up to eight cups of bold cold brew with just one bottle. With faint notes of chocolate, this subtly sweet blend is also easily customizable, so everyone in your house or apartment can enjoy it in their very own way.

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Want a more hands-on approach to cold brew? Thanks to these pouches from Grounds & Hounds Coffee Co. getting your morning cup of joe is as easy as filling a pitcher with water. Each pouch contains the brand’s Sunny Spot Cold Brew blend, which has yummy notes of hazelnut, red currant, milk chocolate, marshmallow and crispy graham crackers. It's an easy and fun way to get a taste of summertime well into the fall and winter. Plus, best of all: 20% of your purchase will be donated to help rescue pups in need. How’s that for lifechanging brew?

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$45.00 for 12 cans

The minute you crack open this canned Horchata cold brew from Sail Away Coffee Co. you’ll find yourself under its spell — and for good reason too! With striking notes of spicy vanilla and cinnamon, it tastes exactly like rice pudding with an extra-special jolt.

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$19.96 for 4 bottles

Talk about bottled goodness. Not only is this refreshing oat milk latte from Elmhurst 1925 gluten- and dairy-free, it’s also flashed brewed to give you one of boldest Arabica-flavored coffee drinks around. They’re also shelf-stable, so you can keep them in the pantry as a year-round treat.

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Sip on Dona's gorgeously bottled take on masala chai – with an added boost of caffeine. Typically, dirty chai lattes include an espresso in the spiced tea, but Dona brings a well-balanced, low-acid coffee alternative to the mix: Variety Cold Brew. Stir together equal parts concentrate and milk of your choice for a super smooth cup.

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