17 Canned Cocktails You’ll Want to Drink All Summer Long

Less time mixing, more time sipping.

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July 22, 2021

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Photo by: Ana Belem Alderete

Ana Belem Alderete

Why go through the hassle of making your own cocktails (and purchasing each individual ingredient) when there are plenty of canned libations on the market that taste just as good as a drink you’d get at a bar or make at home?

While canned cocktails didn’t always taste great, this section of the spirits industry has made tremendous strides in recent years, thanks, in large part, to the growing consumer interest in canned beverages like White Claw and Truly. In fact, sales of these beverages grew 90 percent from 2019 to 2020 and don’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon.

Since you deserve to spend as much time as possible outside this summer, and not inside mixing drinks, we’ve rounded up a bunch of canned cocktails that won’t disappoint!



The Instagram-famous brand creates bottled apéritifs, which have the flavor complexity of a cocktail but lower alcohol content. Choose any combination of four flavors in this sampler kit, but we’re especially partial to the Rose Rosé variety, which is great for summer, has notes of raspberry, rose and cherries, and can be enjoyed on the rocks, in a spritz or straight up.

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Colony Cocktails was inspired by husband and wife duo Philip and Jessica Miller’s love of travel, which is why each wine-based canned cocktail in the range embodies the excitement of a specific locale — Charleston, Tangier and Biarritz. Each blend is gluten-free and made with natural ingredients and Sonoma wine. The Tangier canned cocktail has 11.5 percent ABV and boasts notes of grapefruit, rosemary, cardamom and other botanicals.

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This vodka cocktail from Dogfish Head features two shots of vodka per can, which allows its fresh blueberry flavor to shine. It has a wonderfully juicy flavor that's subtly sweet and perfectly balanced with a hint of tartness, thanks to balsamic and red wine vinegar.

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For the days when you crave a craft cocktail but don’t want to leave the house, look no further than Vervet's premade drinks they actually taste like something you could order at a high-end bar. Tiki Tea is a little sweet yet slightly spicy, made with prickly pear vodka and featuring hints of lime, ginger and vanilla. Vervet is woman and POC-owned and delivers in its mission to bring the best of Los Angeles to the rest of the world.

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This is a ready-to-drink beverage that you don’t have to feel too guilty about sipping, because it combines vodka and coconut water. Flavors include Lime, Mango, Passionfruit and Pineapple.

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Who can say no to a ready-to-drink vodka beverage? These canned cocktails are made with clean ingredients and boast fresh and fruity flavors. While each variety is less than 100 calories per can, the alcohol content is higher than most canned drinks and ranges from 11.5 to 16.5 percent. Spa Girl is available in Strawberry, Peach, Pineapple, Pear, Fresh and Cucumber. The Cucumber variety is especially calming and refreshing.

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This line of canned cocktails boasts two shots in every can, which translates to 9 percent ABV. Each Monaco libation combines a unique blend of actual distilled spirits with high-quality ingredients, resulting in expertly crafted cocktails. And the eight bartender-inspired baseline varieties Citrus Rush, Cranberry, Mango Peach, Black Raspberry, Tequila Lime Crush, Blue Crush, Tropic Rush and Purple Crush are pretty darn delicious. Monaco also has a 69 Lemon Splash, a Moscow Mule and more. Tropic Rush features notes of pineapple and passionfruit.

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This gin-based canned drink is a sparkling craft cocktail that boasts notes of cucumber and lime for a farm-fresh citrus balance.

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Tequila and Mezcal


For something sweet and smoky, opt for a can of Elenita Sparkling Mezcal. The cans come in four summer-forward flavors Cucumber Lime Basil, Pineapple Jalapeno, Strawberry Mule and Passionfruit Paloma – and are crafted with Agave Espadin Mezcal, an artisanal mezcal distilled in Oaxaca. The sparkling water in each drink brings a lightness to the otherwise smoky, earthy flavor of mezcal, making for a well-balanced drink that doesn’t feel too intense for casual sipping.

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This canned cocktail with 5 percent ABV is made with top-quality tequila, and is billed as an "authentic margarita." It’s also low-calorie, low-sugar and low-carb. SipMARGS come in four flavors — Classic Sparkling Margarita, Sparkling Mango Margarita, Sparkling Coconut Margarita and Sparkling Mezcal Margarita. The Mezcal Margarita features a hint of smokiness, herbal notes and a touch of sweetness.

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This sparkling tequila brand, which was co-founded by actress Shay Mitchell, sources its blanco tequila from a woman-owned distillery in Jalisco, Mexico, and mixes it with different varieties of natural fruit juice. There are currently four flavors — Watermelon, Lime, Grapefruit and Blood Orange — each with 5 percent ABV.

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If you love margaritas but sometimes find them a bit too sweet, this tequila soda is for you. Imagine a lighter margarita, made with 100% agave tequila, tangy lime flavor and a touch of salt.

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The great thing about these ready-to-drink palomas is that they’re made with just four simple ingredients: agave, grapefruit juice, sparkling water and handcrafted Mexican tequila that’s been granted the official Tequila Blanco 100% Puro Agave seal. That means no added sugars and no artificial ingredients. Just pure deliciousness.

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Hard Seltzer and Fermented Teas


Founded by Kyle Cooke, Amanda Batula and Carl Radke, Loverboy produces an array of sparkling hard teas and premium craft cocktails. The brand’s Hibiscus Pom drink is a sparkling hard tea that’s steeped and brewed like traditional tea, paired with tangy pomegranate and topped off with a squeeze of lime.

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This refreshing hard seltzer comes in four flavors Lime, Mango, Paloma and Pineapple but there’s something about the splash of grapefruit that sets the Paloma above the rest. It’s light and bubbly and fit for a hot summer day.

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Six ingredients, 80 calories and only three grams of carbs per can — what’s not to love? Reach for an OG Ranch Water made with 100% organic agave and natural lime juice for a clean sip that isn’t overpowering when it comes to flavor or ABV.

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New Belgium Brewing entered the hard seltzer world earlier this year with three delicious options: Berry Blast, Pink Lemonade and Tropical Punch. And while all the flavors in this fun variety pack are fruity in their own way, none come with an artificial aftertaste. (Thank you, real fruit juice!)

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