Wherein Alton Dons a Disco Ball and Richard Wears Eyeliner — Alton's After-Show

Watch Food Network's Cutthroat Kitchen: Alton's After-Show hosted by Alton Brown.
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Host Alton Brown and Judge Richard Blais show off sabotage tools, Disco Pulley Prep, Platform Shoes, and Human Disco Ball, as seen on Food Network’s Cutthroat Kitchen, Season 13.

Photo by: Patrick Wymore ©2016, Television Food Network, G.P. All Rights Reserved

Patrick Wymore, 2016, Television Food Network, G.P. All Rights Reserved

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Cutthroat After-Show: 1970s 04:53

Alton and Richard Blais make crepes suzette with 1970s-themed sabotages.

If Cutthroat Kitchen has taught us anything, it's to expect the unexpected. And it's a good thing we're ready for anything: In tonight's Heat 3 of the Time Warp Tournament, host Alton Brown and guest judge Richard Blais shocked fans with over-the-top get-ups worthy of the '70s.

Clad in a shiny human-sized disco ball costume, Alton welcomed Richard, who donned his own costume of mixed-patterned tops and bell-bottom pants, plus bold eyeliner and a wig, to the After-Show for a review of the day's challenges. "How hard is that?" Richard asked jokingly as he took his place on the makeshift dance floor, which was revealed as a Round 2 sabotage during the quiche test. But in true Cutthroat fashion, the challenge indeed turned tricky, as Richard found out when he hooked his wrist through a weighted loop connected to a disco ball. After doing a few disco moves to reach the prep station, Richard felt the weight of the challenge — literally and figuratively, that is — as he worked on prepping his own dish of the day: crepes suzette.

Meanwhile, Alton, ever the dutiful host, attempted to scurry about the kitchen to fetch tools and pans for Richard, but those tasks were anything but easy for Alton, as he was not only wearing a disco ball but he was also strapped in a pair of platform boots. "I'm coming, Richard," Alton exclaimed. "I'm hurrying." The host did his best to make it back to Richard before the main attraction of the judge's work — a quick flambe to finish the sauce for his crepes — and he was ultimately rewarded with a taste of the finished dish. "We got the brule flavor," the host declared after sampling Richard's orange-scented crepe.

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