This Is All the Halloween Candy You Can Eat If You're Vegan

Herbivores, we've got your back.

October 11, 2018


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With Halloween just a few weeks away, it’s time to stock up on the sweet stuff. But what do you do if you’re in need of vegan treats? Believe it or not, you’ve most likely already bought vegan candy – and there’s a good chance it’s one of your favorites. Don’t believe us? Check out this list of vegan Halloween candy before you head down the candy aisle. They’re free from animal products and taste-bud approved!

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That’s right – tasting the rainbow is animal-free! Skittles announced in 2010 that it would no longer be using gelatin, which contains animal products. As a result, these jewel-toned candies are safe for vegetarians and vegans to eat.

No animal products? No problem! Twizzlers are completely vegan, so you don’t need to worry about eating them. You do, however, need to consider how you eat them. We prefer to untwist the candy first, but you do you.

Sour, sweet and totally delicious. Go to town on these little gummies – even the Sour Patch Watermelons are gelatin-free!

Do you prefer to get your sugar fix from chocolate? If so, make sure you grab a bag of Enjoy Life’s dark chocolate or rice milk chocolate minis. They’re certified vegan, allergen-friendly and are available at Whole Foods and CVS. Score!

In addition to being vegan, these little gems are also free of gluten, soy and nuts. Now that’s smart!

If you’re vegan, stock up on these tiny treats. In addition to being gelatin-free, Dots are also clear from carmine color and confectioner’s glaze (both of which are made from insects).

Yup, Airheads are also given the all-clear for vegans and vegetarians. We can’t guarantee what the mystery flavor tastes like, but we can promise that it’s vegan-friendly.


Lollipops are a trick-or-treat staple, and for good reason. Dum-Dums don’t contain animal, dairy and egg products, so feel free to snag a handful (or two) this Halloween.

Don’t worry – both the candies and the lollipops are considered to be vegan-friendly. They’re also delicious, so stock up next time you’re in the candy aisle.

Unroll, snack and repeat. Your dentist might not be happy, but your sweet tooth sure will be. Don’t believe us? Just ask Peta.

They may look like fish, but the animal comparisons end there (some Swedish Fish do contain beeswax, though, so check the packaging first.)

Blow pops are a two-in-one treat: they’re lollipops with a bubblegum center, both of which are vegan. Just don’t get them confused with Tootsie Pops – those do contain animal products.

Who says you can’t play with your food? Fun Dip is not only fun (obvi) – it’s also vegan-approved and full of sugary goodness.

This bubblegum is free of gelatin, so chomp and chew to your heart’s content.

Don’t worry if you get these mixed up with Jujubes – those are vegan, too!

Brach’s is a great company for animal-free treats. In addition to these citrusy candies, their root beer barrels, mandarin orange slices and cinnamon hard candy are all vegan, too.

This old-time candy offers something for everyone: they come in orange, cola, cherry, grape and root beer flavors, all of which are vegan. Yum!

The Original Now and Laters are vegan, but watch out for the Chewy and Splits versions – they contain egg whites.

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