How to Replace Any Broken, Damaged or Lost Part of Your Instant Pot

Make your Instant Pot good-as-new in no time.

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September 22, 2021

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Matt Armendariz

After debuting on Amazon in 2010, the Instant Pot has solidified its spot as a go-to appliance for weeknight dinners, desserts and weekend cooking projects. The Instant Pot Facebook Community is nearly 2.5 million users strong at this point, and the Instant Pot Duo boasts more than 57,000 reviews on Amazon. Safe to say, this is a now a must-have kitchen tool.

Whether you bought your Instant Pot years ago or are new to pressure cooking, keeping your pot in perfect condition can be tough. Lids drop, small accessories get lost — basically, things happen — which is why it’s so important to know how to replace any parts that become worn-down, lost or broken over the years. Below is a list of every single part of your Instant Pot that's replacable. We also asked the experts at Instant Pot which parts require regular replacing and which parts can be replaced only when necessary, and noted that below.

Almost everything you would need to get your Instant Pot back in working condition can be found on Instant Pot’s website and a few other retailers including Amazon. We’ve linked products compatible with the Instant Pot Duo line, however, some Instant Pot parts are model-specific, so make sure you're choose the right one to fit your cooker.


According to the experts at Instant Pot, this is the only part of your cooker that requires regular replacement and upkeep. Sealing rings should be replaced every 12 to 18 months depending on how often you’re using your multi-cooker (more use means replacing sooner). If you’re worried about discoloration, Instant Pot recommends replacing it closer to every six to 12 months. To make them last longer, Instant Pot recommends wiping down your silicone rings with a non-abrasive cloth after each use. To combat odors, keep two rings on-hand at all times. Reserve one for sweet recipes like cheesecake and brownies and the other for savory recipes like soups and stews.

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If you’ve dented, lost or in any other way damaged your inner pot, you can order a new one through multiple retailers. However, if your inner pot just has some tough-to-remove stains, try a deep-clean first. Instant Pot recommends baking soda, vinegar and a non-abrasive cloth or scrubber to remove stains, and white vinegar for discoloration. For an even easier-to-clean option, we recommend purchasing a ceramic non-stick inner pot. It's worth noting that the non-stick inner pot is not compatible with the Instant Pot Air Fryer Lid.

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The Steam Release Handle, which vents the steam from your multi-cooker, can be replaced for just under $13. Pay attention to the details when ordering, though, as there are different styles for each Instant Pot model.

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The inner steam rack is essential for keeping foods like potatoes and eggs elevated and out of the pool of water on the bottom of your inner pot. If something happens to your steam rack (or your find yourself in need of an extra), you can find one from Instant Pot and various retailers.

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If an unfortunate event arises where you are left with a nonfunctioning lid, you don’t have to buy a whole new Instant Pot. Replacement lids are available on Instant Pot’s site for 3-, 6- and 8-quart Ultra, Duo, Duo-Plus, Viva, Nova Plus and Smart Bluetooth models. You can also add a tempered glass lid to your cart, which can be used in conjunction with the sauté and slow-cook programs.

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If your power cord has endured some wear and tear or has stopped working, this cord on Instant Pot’s site is compatible with most pots including the Duo, Nova Plus and Ultra. To reduce damage to your cord, Instant Pot recommends wrapping the cord around the base of the Instant Pot and placing the end in the back holder for proper storage.

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According to Instant Pot’s website, this small cap keeps food from getting into your steam release valve. When washing your multi-cooker, remove this part to ensure there is no leftover food residue. If ever lost or broken, you can order this on Instant Pot’s site, too.

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The small condensation cup is arguably the easiest Instant Pot accessory to lose track of. If that happens, make sure you have a way to catch all that extra condensation by ordering a new one. You can find a replacement for all models in 3-, 5-, 6- and 8-quart sizes.

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You might not realize it, but your Instant Pot lid is actually top-rack dishwasher-safe once all the smaller parts are removed. If, along the way, you find yourself missing any of those small parts, including the float valve, they are all easily replaced. If you’re not familiar, the float valve is the small silver button that raises and lowers when pressure builds or is released inside the multi-cooker.

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For those rare occasions when you would need to completely replace the base of your Instant Pot, the brand has you covered. There is a separate base for almost every model, but note that it does not come with an inner pot, power cord, condensation cup or accessories.

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