Every Part of Your Grill You Can (And Probably Should!) Replace

No need to stop grilling just because of a lost or damaged component.

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May 14, 2021
By: Carlos Olaechea

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Brekkie on the barbie

Grill Replacement Parts

Brekkie on the barbie

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Grilling and barbecuing are favorite warm-weather pastimes that almost anyone can pick up. From simple small charcoal grills to deluxe large gas grill setups, there are grills for almost every budget and experience level. Like most cooking tools, though, proper grilling requires maintenance of your equipment. There are a lot of components to a grill that can become damaged or stop working even if you diligently maintain your grill. There’s no need to go out and buy a new grill, though. Many of these parts are available for purchase online, and many third-party manufacturers produce universal parts that fit many different grill models. Below are some of the most common grill parts that you might need to replace after a while, along with our recommendations for replacement parts. With our tips, you’ll be back to grilling in no time!


Unicook Universal Replacement Heavy Duty Adjustable Porcelain Steel Heat Plate Shield

These triangular shaped heat plate shields help diffuse the flames in a gas grill. Sometimes they wear out after a lot of use or get encrusted in food or grease. Regular wear and tear can cause these shields to not work as effectively in evenly distributing heat throughout your grill. This means you’ll end up with hot spots and cool spots that you cannot control with your gas grill knobs. As well, food spills that get stuck onto these shields can lead to flare ups. Nobody wants flames engulfing their expensive steaks during a cookout. Your gas grill may also come with heat plate shields that aren’t the best quality. While you can get replacement shields from the manufacturer, sometimes going with a third party manufacturer can result in better grilling. These are coated in porcelain, which is a great conductor of heat, making your gas grilling cook foods more quickly and evenly. As well, porcelain is practically non-stick, meaning you can easily clean off any spills when you notice them.


Hongso SBF231 15 3/8" Universal BBQ Gas Grill Replacement Stainless Steel Pipe

Gas grills provide heat through steel pipes that are connected to a fuel source, which can come from a propane tank or through a gas line. These pipes have little holes or perforations from where the flames emerge. With extensive grilling and exposure to the elements, these pipes can become corroded or clogged. While you can clean them (always with the grill and fuel supply shut off), sometimes it’s just better to replace them with new ones. Many third-party manufacturers sell gas pipes that are compatible with a wide range of gas grill models. Always make sure to read the product description before purchasing, though. As well, remember that you need to cover the gas pipes with heat shields like the ones described above.


Hongso 16 7/8" Polished Porcelain Coated Cast Iron Gas Grill Grates

Grill grates are perhaps the most important component of any grill after the heat source. This is where you lay down your food to cook. It’s always important to have clean, rust-free grates while grilling to prevent food from sticking and catching on fire. While it’s always recommended to clean your grill grates after every grilling session, sometimes we forget, and sometimes they get too messy to effectively clean. As well, if you live in a humid environment, grill grates can get rusty. Dirty or damaged grill grates can turn your favorite backyard hobby into a major chore and source of frustration. If you feel you’re getting less and less pleasure from your grill, it may be time to replace the grates. These are made out of cast iron, which is a great heat conductor and are coated with porcelain, which is naturally non-stick. They are highly rated (4.5 stars and over 700 reviews) and fit many models of gas grills.


Nickanny's Set of 2 Replacement BBQ Grill Wheels

Many gas and charcoal grills come with plastic wheels to help you move and position your grill to a safe and comfortable place to get cooking. Some manufacturers outfit their grills with better quality wheels than others. Simpler charcoal grills, for instance, are sometimes sold with cheap or flimsy plastic wheels. If you have to wheel your grill around a lot, especially over rough surfaces, the wheels may wear out over time and actually break. The worst case scenario is that your wheels may give out while you’re moving around your grill, leading to an unexpected crisis right before your big cookout. Always check your wheels before moving your grill just as you’d regularly check the tread on your automobile’s car. These wheels are more or less universal and fit many smaller gas grill models. If your model’s wheels have worn down sooner than you would have liked, it might be a good idea to explore other third-party manufacturers for better-quality options.


Uniflasy 27 Inches Ash Pan

Ash pans are an important component of charcoal grills, especially the barrel-shaped models that are inspired by the oil drum smokers and grills traditionally used in African American-style barbecue. The ash pan is a convex insert that is placed at the bottom of the charcoal grill and includes a grate on top. This goes under the actual grill grate where you cook your food. The coals are lit on top of the ash pan grate and the ash falls below into the pan while you’re barbecuing. Most ash pans are made of thin metal, which can corrode over time from heat, food spills and humidity. Keep in mind that the ash pan prevents ash and hot coals from damaging the body of your charcoal grill, so a damaged ash pan can actually compromise your whole setup. As well, sometimes even the best charcoal grills come outfitted with cheap ash pans that wear out after only a few barbecues. This particular model fits many types of grills. However, make sure to measure your grill thoroughly before purchasing a third-party ash pan.


DOZYANT 2 Inch Barbecue Charcoal Grill Smoker Temperature Gauge

Accurate temperature is vital for anything you want to grill or barbecue. Most grills (especially gas models) come with a pre-installed temperature gauge right on the hood. While many grill masters recommend getting a more accurate thermometer, most cooks do well using their grill’s built-in gauge. Like most mechanisms, however, your grill’s temperature gauge can become less accurate over time or break entirely. It’s important to sporadically check whether your temperature gauge is accurate by comparing it to temperature readings on another thermometer. If you find that your gauge is off, it may be time to replace it. Fortunately, there are some great third-party manufacturers selling temperature gauges that fit into most grill models. You simply need to unscrew your grill’s existing gauge and screw in the replacement. This particular grill gauge features color-coded indicators that let you know the ideal temperatures for grilling and smoking.


Unicook Heavy Duty Waterproof Barbecue Gas Grill Cover

A grill cover is an item that too many home cooks unfortunately don’t think of when setting themselves up for backyard cookouts. Nevertheless, they are vital for preserving the longevity of a gas grill, charcoal grill or smoker. These are weather-proof fabric covers that slip over your grill and protect it from the elements. If you store your grill outdoors (even under a roof), you should seriously consider purchasing one. Your grill’s manufacturer may sell model-specific grill covers, but you may be able to get universal grill covers from third-party manufacturers. Even if you do already possess a grill cover, it might get damaged over time from the elements and may no longer effectively protect your grill. If the weather proofing has started to crack or peel, it’s time for a replacement! The more you can protect your grill, the more years you’ll have to cook with it.

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