A close-up of former Season 6 Next Food Network Star Kevin Roberts wearing a brown button shirt with a patch that reads Food Dude

Kevin Roberts' Bio

Season 4: Kevin Roberts

Where are you living and working now?

I'm still in beautiful San Diego.

What have you been up to since FNS?

I'm opening a fourth restaurant, still speaking at colleges, doing my spokesperson song and dance. I just climbed Macchu Pichu and ate piranha and guinea pig — yummers!

What was your favorite thing about being on FNS? And your least favorite?
My fave was meeting some great people.

The least favorite would have to be the living quarters. It was like five grown men living at Ikea together.

Do you keep in touch with other finalists?


What was the funniest/coolest/weirdest (or worst!) incident to happen behind the scenes?

I fell out of the top bunk bed and cut my leg open (ouch).

How did being on NFNS affect your culinary career?

No affect at all.

What advice would you offer the next round of finalists?

Hold on for dear life.

When you look back, what would you have done differently?

Not gone on.

Do people recognize you from being on the show?


What was the greatest lesson you learned from your time on FNS?

Don’t get roped into the machines of life.

What's your current favorite recipe or signature dish?

My West Coast Wings, going back to the Super Bowl as one of the chefs for the Taste of NFL and cooking up 1,600 of them. The recipe is available in my first cookbook, Munchies.

Anything else?

Munch on!