Bourbon Desserts

Peach Jam and Bourbon Pecan Baked Alaska

Vanilla-Bourbon Milkshakes with Spicy Chocolate Pretzel Rods

Old-Fashioned Cupcakes

Drunken Pecan Pie

Sweet Bourbon Corn Pudding

Bourbon Balls

Bourbon Honey Cake

Mint Bourbon Brownies

Not Your Grandma’s Bread Pudding

Chocolate Bourbon Tart with Sweet Habanero Spiced Nut Crust

Spicy Chocolate Bourbon Cupcakes

The Best Pecan Pie

Honey Bourbon Caramel Milkshakes

Bourbon Balls

BBB Bacon-in-the-Batter Buttermilk Waffle, Bourbon Ice Cream, Bacon Toffee

Chocolate Bourbon Sauce

Bourbon-Soaked Cherry-Chocolate Mousse Pie

Vanilla Caramel Bourbon Milkshake

Bourbon Honey Cake

Candied Bacon

Giant Bourbon-Cherry Toaster Tart Pie

Bourbon Balls

Bourbon Apple Galette

Alien Cookie Surprise

Chocolate-Almond Pizza with Bourboned Raisins and a Cinnamon Sugar Crust

Bourbon Triple Chocolate Cake

Bourbon Aficionado