Sushi Suitcase Covers for the Tasteful Traveler

Sushi suitcase covers, available in tuna, salmon, shrimp and egg, are the perfect way for lovers of Japanese cuisine to protect their bags and make a statement.

Remember those sushi socks we told you about a few months back? Now the same online retailer, Tokyo Otaku Mode Premium Shop, is selling another — perhaps somewhat stranger, though no less intriguing — must-have item for sushi lovers. Enter  Sushi Suitcase Covers.

“Most airlines and other transportation services make a point of taking really good care of your bags, but sometimes they do get left outside in the rain, or those conveyor belts at the airport can sometimes leave your bag a little bit dusty or scuffed,” the site explains. “If you love your luggage, you might want to invest in some kind of cover to help keep it nice and dry as well as helping to avoid damage from dirt and scratches." What better way to protect your baggage than by disguising it as an oversize piece of sushi?

The 100 percent polyester, 16.7-by-11.8-by-25.2-inch covers, manufactured by Omise Parco, sell for $29.99 apiece and can be shipped worldwide. They are available in four different nigiri sushi designs — tuna, salmon, shrimp and egg — any of which is bound to help your bag stand out from the pack.

Now you just have to figure out a way to get your giant bottle of soy sauce and humongous hunk of wasabi through security.

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Photo courtesy of Tokyo Otaku Mode Premium Shop
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