Oxford Adds "Hangry," "Barbacoa" and "Awesomesauce" to Dictionaries

Oxford Dictionaries adds a few surprising words in its latest update.
By: Guest Blogger
By Lauren Haslett

“Hangry” is a word that’s made it into most of our lexicons at this point — only your grandma might question you when you utter it these days. But dictionaries aren’t exactly known for keeping on top of the latest slang, as most are reluctant to add such colloquial jargon to their official texts, and if they ever do, it’s usually years after the words have become popular with the public at large.

Oxford Dictionaries, though, is a part of the larger Oxford publishing group that deals with more modern words and usage, and this week  it added “hangry” and a bunch of other now-popular words to its language guide. Unlike the oh-so-proper Oxford English Dictionary, which still holds all the details on more formal and officially correct usage in its pages, Oxford Dictionaries focuses on what people are talking about right now and how they’re using language in the moment.

Oxford Dictionaries released its latest update on Wednesday, and a lot of the new terms will never be allowed into the old OED. Along with “hangry,” new additions include “barbacoa” (we do all love our Chipotle), “awesomesauce” and “fast-casual” (yes, we really love our Chipotle).

There are, of course, plenty of words not related to food that made the list as well — all giving excellent clues as to what's on the world’s collective mind at the moment. But we couldn’t help getting excited when we heard one of our favorite words made the cut.

Check out the complete list of new additions here.

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