McDonald’s Introduces New Shamrock Shakes with Chocolate

As February arrives and the march to St. Patrick’s Day begins, McDonald’s can be counted on to return its beloved Shamrock Shake (pictured above) to menu boards across the land. Cool, minty, sweet and so, so green — what could be better than a Shamrock Shake?

How about a chocolate Shamrock Shake? Yes, McDonald’s is shaking up its stalwart seasonal offering with four additional variations on its popular theme.

Worry not, traditionalists. The Original Shamrock Shake — with its mint-syrup flavoring blended into the usual vanilla soft serve, whipped topping, a maraschino cherry and (new this season) a dusting of green sugar — will be on offer for a limited time at participating McD’s.

But this year, according to Brand Eating, the fast food chain will also offer a new Chocolate Shamrock Shake (chocolate shake on the bottom, Shamrock Shake on the top, with a squiggle of chocolate syrup on top) and a Shamrock Chocolate Chip Frappe (mocha and caramel frappe with chocolate chips and mint syrup).

In addition, it will offer two “Shamrock” hot drinks: a Shamrock Hot Chocolate (hot chocolate with mint syrup) and a Shamrock Mocha (espresso, chocolate syrup, steamed milk and mint syrup).

A McDonald’s-posted gif heralding the new “chocolaty-mint flavor” combo is now racking up the views and likes on Instagram. As one Instagram user, going by the handle @foodlovingtwins, commented, “Can’t wait to try!!”

If you want to make your own seasonal minty milkshake, try our recipe.

Photo courtesy of McDonald’s

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