3 New Star Wars-Inspired Ice Creams Are Hitting Stores Today

In honor of the new movie, of course.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi comes to movie theaters today, and you can now get these new ice cream flavors, inspired by the film, too.

Today, Ample Hills Creamery is paying tribute to everyone’s favorite film franchise by releasing three awesome new themed flavors, just in time for the release of The Last Jedi.

And the three flavors are (you’re hearing the drumroll here, right?) …

The First Order: A base of salted dark chocolate ice cream (what?!) would be delicious enough on its own. But add powerful bittersweet chocolate pieces, cocoa powder and espresso powder – to “reinforce the dark side,” says Ample Hills – and you’ve got super strong, super chocolatey treat that feels totally indulgent.

The Resistance: To showcase the lighter, sweeter side of those fighting the First Order, Ample Hills brought together a brown sugar and vanilla bean ice cream with a bunch of decadent mix-ins, including red velvet gooey butter cake, toffee pieces and marshmallows (yum!).

The Force: Where light and dark finally come together. This harmonious treat has a sweet cream ice cream swirled with irresistible chocolate fudge and flecked with white and dark chocolate pearls – which represent our whole gorgeous galaxy, of course.

We’re not sure there’s ever been so much symbolism to find in your ice cream before. But whether you’re a total Star Wars fanatic or just love the way these creative flavors sound, you can go out and get yourself a pint (or three) right now. If you’re in the Northeast region of the United States, you can order via Fresh Direct, or pick them up at select Whole Foods and specialty stores (or at one of THE Ample Hills Creamery locations, if you’re lucky enough to live in New York or California).

What makes these pints even more special? In addition to the crazy, out-there flavor combos, the makers went all out on the packaging. If you choose to order the whole set of ice creams and have them shipped directly to you, instead of heading to a local store, you can opt to have them sent in a beautifully designed box with original watercolor artwork created by Lauren Kaelin, Ample Hills Creamy’s Art Director. Even better? The prettily painted boxes aren’t just nice to look at – they also include a punch-out x-wing fighter, which is incorporated into the packaging but can easily be removed and assembled. How cool is that?!

Ample Hills ships nationwide — so you can get your hands on these wherever you are in the U.S. The three-pack of Star Wars: The Last Jedi flavors will cost you a cool $30 — maybe the perfect last-minute gift for that Star Wars-obsessed sweet tooth in your life?

Photo courtesy of Katie June Burton, Ample Hills

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