Ina Garten Has the Best Response to Jennifer Garner's Cooking Show

It's actually the sweetest sentiment.

FNS7 Episode 8 Guest Judge Ina Garten at "You in a Cupcake" Camera Challenge.

FNS7 Episode 8 Cupcake Camera Challenge

FNS7 Episode 8 Guest Judge Ina Garten at "You in a Cupcake" Camera Challenge.

Photo by: Edward Chen/Creel Films

Edward Chen/Creel Films

It's no secret Ina Garten has lots of famous friends, and now she's added one more to her dinner party guest list — Jennifer Garner. The actress took to social media last December to share her first-ever video — an Ina-inspired episode — on her "Pretend Cooking Show." In the video Jennifer makes Ina's Honey White Bread recipe, but instead of two loaves, she uses half the recipe to make "bread men" for her kids. Pro tip from Jen? These don't need to rise a second time. "Sorry Barefoot," Jen apologizes.

Despite "going rogue" as Jennifer puts it, Ina has nothing but love for the actress's videos.

"She is adorable and smart and not at all performing — that's just who she is," Ina told People magazine in a recent interview. "I just think she's really special."

So special, in fact, that Ina asked Jennifer if the two could cook together when she found out the actress was a fan a few years ago. The ask scored Ina an invite to Jennifer's birthday party and the two have been friends ever since. "It was so fun and not fancy," recalls Ina.

Now that's friendship goals.

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