Homer Simpson's Fave Doughnut Is Real, but There's a Catch (D'oh!)

If you want to try them, you’ll have to go to Australia.

Krispy Kreme has made "The Simpsons" fans' dreams come true by introducing a new doughnut inspired by one of Homer Simpson's most beloved snacks.

Mmmm … doughnut.

Pink-frosted with rainbow sprinkles and called the D'ohnut, because of course it is, the limited-time offering features the chain's traditional glazed doughnut as its base. Then it is "hand dipped" in strawberry-flavored white chocolate truffle icing and decorated with multicolored jimmies.

"It's everything that the iconic doughnut is. Only, it's real and oh so delicious!" Krispy Kreme boasts.

But — D'oh! — if you want to try them, you'll have to go to Australia. Because that's where the U.S.-based doughnut chain has seen fit to make them available, at both its own outlets and 7-Eleven stores, until the end of April.

Unsurprisingly, doughnut-loving "Simpsons"-watching Aussies are doing their fair share of gloating about their snack-time score on social media. It's hard to blame them too much, though, seeing as the D'ohnut comes in a highly Instagram-worthy box depicting Homer basking on a bed of D'ohnuts.

"You had me at He-D'oh!" quipped one Instagrammer.

Ay caramba.

Photo courtesy of @krispykremeaustralia

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