A Museum of Pizza Is Coming to NYC

Because everyone wants a slice of the food-museum pie.

Freshly cooked pizza for sale


Freshly cooked pizza for sale

Photo by: DanHenson1


Life needs pizza and it seems pizza "needed" its own museum. So decided the people behind the Museum of Pizza (MoPi), a pop-up immersive experience dedicated to the slice and the pie that is set to open in New York (sorry, Chicago) for two weeks (October 13-28) this fall.

Touted as "the world’s first experiential pizza adventure" — part "Instagram funhouse" and part "artistic space" — the pizza museum will offer "interdisciplinary programming ranging from large-scale, pizza-inspired immersive rooms to films, music, art, and more," according to a press release. Promised highlights are to include, among other things, "a pizza art gallery, cheese cave, pizza beach, pizza meditation, exclusive film screenings."

"We're investing everything we can to make this an act of creation sure to make your every minute inside the museum a timeless pizza memory," the creators promise on the museum’s official website.

The project is the brainchild of a Gen Z-targeted youth-media company called Nameless Network, which makes videos, and tickets are now available online. They don’t come dollar-slice cheap — adult tickets are $35 apiece, although an early-bird $10 discount is available using the code PIZZALOVE. Kids under 12 and seniors over 60 get in free. And pizza ("one slice at our outside the venue," according to the museum’s website) is included with admission, so there’s that.

The project website features a lot of overheated words about pizza and the planned museum. (For example: "Pizza is the undisputed, democratically-elected champion of food. The snackable luxury whose freedom is universal. Like a best friend, pizza is fun, reliable, consistent, flexible and unselfish. Always here for us when we’re hungry, happy, hurried or hungover. Pizza does not judge; it is always for the people, by the people — and that’s why we love it."

And there’s a frankly peculiar promotional video that seems to approach pizza, that family-friendly food, in a decidedly un-family-friendly sort of way.

But we’re guessing people will nonetheless show up to the museum — once its currently "secret" NYC location has been revealed — and duly fill their Instagram feeds with its imagery.

Because … pizza.

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