Kylie Jenner Says the Champagne Vending Machine in Her Office Is ‘Everything’

She also has personalized pink M&M’s with her face on them and ‘little pink Starbursts everywhere.’


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There’s a lot to see on the Official Kylie Jenner Office Tour, a YouTube video in which Kylie Jenner -- perfectly coifed, made-up and manicured, if perhaps a tad uncomfortable with the creep of her clingy dress -- offers an extended (more than 16 minutes long!) look around the headquarters of Kylie Cosmetics.

A lot of the details are in the makeup and skincare business owner’s trademark pale pink: dish- and glassware, hand-sanitizer dispensers, staplers and notepads, neon signs, velvet ropes and stanchions, cosmetic chairs, daughter Stormi’s high chair, pink directors chairs in the “YouTube” room, a giant pair of pink prop lips from a product photo shoot, even a bucket of pink umbrellas that Jenner says she’s never seen before and assumes were a detail overseen by her mother, Kris Jenner.

(The flowers made of money sent by designer Alexander Wang that sit in Kylie’s office? Those are not pink, but rather a shade of green with which Kylie is probably extremely familiar.)

“I specifically wanted pink accents everywhere,” Kylie explains in the video, which has racked up more than 8 million views in less than a week. “I didn’t want the office to be overwhelming with pink, but you’ll definitely see, for example, like, little pink Starbursts everywhere and cute little accents like that.”

Another example? Containers of pink M&M’s personalized with Kylie’s own face – as depicted on the cover of Paper magazine. (Hey, remember how Kylie’s sister, Kendall Jenner, recently revealed that she had never had a Hershey’s Kiss? Yeah, well, so not those.)

In the office kitchen, Kylie shows us her expansive array of refrigerated drinks – waters, juices, teas and sodas – but on the brink of revealing her favorite beverage, she pulls back abruptly.

“This is – NO! I’m actually not going to show you this,” she says, shuttling the bottle out of frame.

“You have to blur that out,” she instructs the video crew, “because this is my favorite drink and it’s really hard to find. It’s always sold out, so I can’t show you guys, but maybe I’ll share my secret one day.”

Intriguing …

In contrast, Kylie appears happy to show off her mother’s “alcohol station”: basically a few, wan-looking items on a mostly empty bar cart.

“She requested this. This was her little touch,” Kylie notes, with what might be described as the verbal equivalent of an eye-roll. “Of course.”

But that’s not the only option for alcohol at Kylie Cosmetics HQ. In its photo studio green room, Kylie proudly shows off a Kylie Cosmetics-branded champagne vending machine, stocked with little bottles of bubbly. A self-branded champagne vending machine is, she says, “everything.”

“I haven’t used it,” the 22-year-old businesswoman notes. “But I’ve seen some people get some champagne for sure.”

For sure – and very impressive. But if I could claim as my own one thing from the offices of Kylie Cosmetics, it would probably those fluffy faux-fur-covered rolling chairs (or “rolly chairs,” as she calls them) in the office conference rooms. From where I sit (in a woefully non-furry, not rolling chair), those startling-looking seats really are, to borrow Kylie’s word, everything.

Photo: GettyImages

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