Get Half-Off of Food Network Kitchen for Amazon Device Users

Hands-free cooking with Alexa is the brilliant hack you need.

December 26, 2019

Get The All-New Food Network Kitchen App

Download Food Network Kitchen now to sign up and take advantage of the latest offer and get 40+ live classes a week, hundreds of on-demand cooking classes, in-app grocery ordering and so much more.

No need to worry about spattered cookbooks and grease-smudged smart phones as side effects of your cooking adventures. The all-new Food Network Kitchen app has the ideal solution for a happy, hands-free cooking experience, and it's available for half-off when you sign up for the monthly subscription plan now.

If you have an Amazon Echo Show, Fire Tablet or Fire TV device, you can use the Food Network Kitchen app hands-free. Watch step-by-step videos, listen to prompts, and take advantage of voice-search to cook your way through recipes without needing to flip through pages of a cookbook.

This means when you’re plunging deliciously sticky biscuits into a bowl of melted butter, to then roll in cinnamon-sugar and thumb-print to fill with jam (as with Lasheeda Perry’s easy Biscuits for Breakfast class), your buttery-sugary-jammy fingers can keep to the cooking workspace, far from your phone. While your biscuits bake away, you can use your Amazon Echo Show, Fire Tablet and Fire TV devices to watch live and on-demand cooking classes, interact with chefs and cooking experts, and stream episodes of your favorite Food Network shows.

Best of all, from now through Monday, January 6, 2020, Amazon device users can enjoy the all-new Food Network Kitchen app at a special rate of 50% off for the first 3 months. You’ll spend just $3.49 per month for the first three months for an FNK premium subscription, unlocking access to 40+ live classes per week, including Q&As with your favorite Food Network talents. Check out the deal on your Amazon devices.

You’ll pick up the coolest tricks, tips and hacks, including how to make Bobby’s tomato sauce that’s so much better than store-bought, and Alex’s irresistible garlic secret.

So whether you received a new Echo Show as a gift, or you’ve resolved to cook more in the new year, Food Network Kitchen is ready for you to cook along, wherever you are.


Terms and conditions apply. Offer good while supplies last.

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