Fishless Fish, Lab-Grown Ice Cream and More Plant-Based Food News

Plus a new report suggests plant-based meat alternatives are ‘not a bubble or a fad.’


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It’s been a big week in fake-meat/plant-based-food news. Here are a few things to know:

Fishless Fish Is Coming … Impossible Foods, the people who brought us the meatless burger being used in Burger King’s Impossible Whopper, is developing a plant-based fish using the same protein that it credits for making its meatless burger so meatlike, heme. The team has created a plant-based broth that tastes like anchovies and used it to create paella, the New York Times reports, adding that the move to create fish-free fish is one step toward Impossible’s goal of creating a plant-based alternative for every single animal-based food by the year 2035. (The New York Times)

Beyond Meat Plus Blue Apron Equals True Love 4Ever? After plant-based meat company Beyond Meat and meal-kit delivery company Blue Apron announced they would partner on a curated-meal plan subscription featuring recipes including Beyond Burgers, Blue Apron’s stock, which had been doing poorly, surged 35 percent. “We know a growing number of customers are interested in plant-based proteins, whether as an alternative to meat, a desire to explore a new ingredient, or an opportunity to make more sustainable food choices,” Blue Apron Chief Executive Linda Kozlowski said in a statement, Reuters reports. (Reuters)

Canadians Like Plant-Based Burgers, Too: Canada-based fast-food chain Tim Hortons has announced that it is adding two Beyond Burgers – plain and BBQ – to its menus for lunch and dinner. The news follows Tim Hortons’ addition last month of several Beyond Meat breakfast offerings. “With more and more Canadians interested in incorporating plant-based proteins into their diet, we are excited to be able to make our Beyond Burger available at Tim Hortons restaurants across Canada,” Beyond Meat founder and CEO Ethan Brown said in a statement. (Yahoo Finance Canada)

The Next Frontier … Asia: Impossible Foods has announced that it is looking to expand into Asia, which accounts for more than 46 percent of global meat consumption. “Asia is by far the number one focus for us. It is core to our mission; core to our business,” Impossible Foods’ senior vice president for international, Nick Halla, told CNBC. (CNBC)

‘Not a Bubble or a Fad’: A new report underscores the rapid growth of plant-based meats, suggesting sales of plant-based alternatives to animal-based foods have increased five times faster than the rest of the food industry. “This is not a bubble or a fad,” Caroline Bushnell, associate director for the sustainable-food-supply nonprofit Good Food Institute, which authored the report, told Inverse. “It’s a real change in consumer behavior.” (Inverse)

We All Scream for $20 Pints of Plant-Based Ice Cream? On Thursday, the biotech firm Perfect Day Foods released a line of ice cream made with dairy grown in a lab from a plant-based protein and reputed to taste exactly like cow’s milk. Only 1,000 three-packs of Perfect Day ice cream, including one pint of Milky Chocolate, one of Vanilla Salted Fudge, and one of Vanilla Blackberry Toffee, were made available at a cost of $60, or nearly $100 when you factor in shipping. They sold out immediately. “We were completely blown away by the response,” Perfect Day Foods co-founder Perumal Gandhi told CNBC. (CNBC)

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