If You're Oprah, Why Eat Chicken Sandwiches When You Can Eat Lobster Rolls?

Look who has just waded into the Chicken Sandwich Wars. None other than Oprah Winfrey.

Yes, Oprah went there, weighing in in favor of … lobster rolls from Maine. (Sorry, Popeye’s, Chick-fil-A and all other contenders for the best sandwich crown.)

The Queen of All Media took to Instagram earlier this week to share a video of her on a quick jaunt to Maine – startlingly, she says it was her “first trip” to the state – to sample the local delicacies. The idea, it appears, was to gather a few members of her popular book club to discuss Elizabeth Strout’s “Olive, Again,” an Oprah’s Book Club pick, in the area where the novel takes place “and have some good ol’ lobster rolls!” Oprah wrote in a caption.

In the video itself, Oprah can be seen enjoying what she says is her very first lobster roll alongside her book-reading pals (and … is that Strout herself next to Oprah?) while seated at a round booth at the Dolphin Marina and Restaurant in Harpswell, Maine.

“I’ve never had a lobster roll before. Obviously, I’ve had lobster, but I’ve never had it,” Oprah tells the camera, while clutching a partly eaten lobster sandwich. “But this, like, is the real deal.”

The Maine coastal staple was apparently not what the global star expected. “I expected it to be lots of mayonnaise and stuff in there, but this is like … pure.”

“This is a real lobster roll,” she is told.

It is at this point in the video that Oprah blithely enters a raging food controversy: “I think that Popeye’s Chicken Sandwich has some competition,” she says.

She later, in another video posted on the restaurant’s Instagram, declared “the first lobster roll she ever had” to have been “the best lobster roll she ever had.”

You get a lobster roll and you get a lobster roll and you get a lobster roll and you get a lobster roll!

Chicken Sandwiches, Oprah has thrown down the gauntlet.

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