Finally! The Cheesecake Factory Now Accepts Reservations

But what does that mean for your next spontaneous Ultimate Red Velvet-driven outing?

February 21, 2020

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From The Cheesecake Facotry

Sometimes you just don’t want to wait (and wait, and wait) for your massive slice of cheesecake or hang out with the hoi polloi when you have a serious hankering for brown bread. You just want to go straight to your table, pick up your 21-page menu and order. Great news for you then, because The Cheesecake Factory now (at long last!) accepts reservations — albeit on a limited basis.

“Selfies welcome, especially when you'll be smiling about our limited reservations on @Yelp,” the restaurant chain tweeted earlier this month. “Yes, you heard us. We offer limited reservations now.”

The no-waiting news seems to have taken a little while to sink in, but this week, when the chain reiterated its new policy on Wednesday in a conference call with investors, people took note. In the call, David Gordon, president of The Cheesecake Factory, said the chain’s move to roll out limited reservations in locations nationwide, was part of its commitment to “lean into convenience” in 2020.

“One of the biggest hurdles for our guests can be our long wait times,” Gordon said. “So we're hoping this additional convenience will encourage guests who are more pressed for time to dine with us.”

The chain has set aside a certain number of tables at all of its locations for diners to book ahead of time online via Yelp, so they can skip the wait for a table. However, those who are not so good at planning ahead and don’t mind the wait should not fret! Walk-ins are still welcome at all Cheesecake Factory locations, and plenty of tables will be available for them as well, Gordon stressed.

So far early-adopting Cheesecake Factory reservation-makers have expressed enthusiasm on Yelp, where gripes about long wait times used to be common.

“Reservation 7:30pm. Waited 5 minutes to be seated not bad,” one Yelper reported.

“Came here on a Saturday night. Highly recommend to make a reservation if you are planning to go on the weekends; it will save you a lot of time,” wrote another.

Bring on the Chicken Bellagio and Avocado Egg Rolls, stat!

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