Is It Finally Time for a Rosé Emoji? This Petition Thinks So

Here’s how you can support the effort.

June 28, 2021


Photo by: Peter Dazeley/Getty

Peter Dazeley/Getty

Rosé all day? Not if you have a smartphone.

While dozens of different smiley and frowny face emojis exist, there’s only one choice if you want to text about wine — an emoji of a glass of red. Though there's nothing wrong with sipping on a robust cabernet sauvignon or a fruit-forward merlot, that singular emoji only encapsulates a small portion of the wine-drinking experience. White, rosé and while we’re at it, orange wine, are conspicuously MIA from the ever-growing list of emoji options.

Previous attempts to get the Unicode Technical Committee — the group responsible for the development of different emojis — to create a white wine emoji have failed, but now it’s rosé’s turn to have a shot, and it might just work this time around. That’s because the popular pink wine has a strong backer in the well-known Italian rosé consortium Consorzio di Tutela del Chiaretto e del Bardolino.

In fact, the Chiaretto di Bardolino folks recently crafted a petition aptly dubbed “Pink Wine: support the emoji for pink wine.” As the petition’s title suggests, it’s simply asking for the creation of a pink wine emoji so rosé drinkers can accurately communicate their love of the libation.

“If we write about wine to our friends on WhatsApp, on Instagram, on Facebook we can use the image of a glass of red wine, two flutes or a bottle of sparkling wine, but the representation of pink wine is missing,” the petition, which was likely translated from Italian, states. “It is time to end this communicational gap and to allow wine lovers of the world to fully express their love for pink wine.”

According to the team at Chiaretto di Bardolino, the lack of a rosé emoji could stem from the fact that rosé “has been looked down [upon] for decades.” While it’s difficult to verify if there’s any truth to that theory, the fact remains that a rosé emoji doesn’t exist and people are ready for that to change.

Thus far, more than 700 individuals have signed the petition, and Chiaretto di Bardolino has already designed a dedicated rosé emoji for the UTC. The creation depicts two glasses of pink wine mid-toast, crowned by a small pink heart.

Cheesy? A bit. Effective? That remains to be seen.

But before you pour a glass of, uh, rosé, in celebration, it’s important to note that the petition isn’t a surefire sign that a rosé emoji is in our future. In fact, when Kendall-Jackson pushed the UTC to create a white wine emoji in 2019, the wine giant was ultimately rebuffed.

To show your support for a rosé wine emoji, sign here.

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