We Asked Dads What They Really Want for Father's Day

And no one requested a #1 Dad mug.

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May 22, 2019

If you're stumped on what to get Dad this Father's Day, we have good news for you! We asked the Food Network staff to poll their dads on what would make the perfect gift for dad. From coffee-making alarm clocks to mouthwatering BBQ dinner spreads, here's everything your dad really wants this year!

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My husband is a coffee fanatic — he hand-grinds his beans in a burr grinder, uses a French press, and insists the water be boiling right up until the minute he pours it into the carafe. He's a true breakfast-in-bed lover, and his deep heart’s desire is this Rube Goldbergesque coffee alarm clock. You fill it with water and grounds at night. (There’s even a chilled compartment to hold milk.) In the morning, you awaken to the gentle drip of freshly brewed coffee (or tea). When I win the lottery, this will be one of the first things I get him. But for now, I’m hoping he will be happy with French toast in bed and a set of these cups.

- Lygeia Grace, Director, Culinary Editorial

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My dad would LOVE a Yeti cooler, especially one with heavy-duty wheels. It could haul meat to a cookout as easily as it could carry beer to the beach. He thinks he might even be able to haul it behind my golf cart. (Nah, Dad, don't do that.) These coolers are expensive, sure, but they are virtually indestructible, so he would have it for years to come. I'll keep saving my money.

- Meghan Hynes Cole, Associate Editor

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My brother-in-law, Hunter, is from Alabama. He’s been living in New Jersey for the past eight years, so it’s no surprise that all he wants for Father’s Day is some “good Southern barbecue”. At the top of his list? Slow-cooked brisket and sausage (the kind that’s “smoked all day”). Thank goodness for family-owned Texas barbecue joint, The Salt Lick. Their Family Style Dinner does the South proud with brisket (cooked 20-plus hours over live oak for a caramelized flavor that isn’t bitter), pork ribs, sausage and a bottle of their Original Recipe Bar-B-Que Sauce. Best of all, the dinner can be shipped directly to any BBQ-loving dad — in time for Father’s Day.

- Kristie Collado, Associate Editor

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My dad has tons of talents, but one of my favorites is his natural expertise at the grill. I swear, the man can make one of the juiciest, most-perfectly cross-hatched steaks I’ve ever seen, though it’s grilled seafood where he really excels. His recipe for cedar-planked salmon is famous in our family, and it’s all thanks to these simple cedar planks. They give off just enough of a smoky taste to infuse the fish with flavor, but not so much that it overwhelms the food. I know he’s running low on his supply of planks, so I need to order these ASAP to keep dinnertime running smoothly.

- Maria Russo, Senior Editor

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My dad is OBSESSED with this Dutch Oven for all things Cuban food. His black beans, ropa vieja and garbanzo bean soup taste even better in the Le Creuset pot! I would love to up his collection this year for Father’s Day and get him the Le Creuset Iron Handle Skillet for everyday cooking.

- Gabriela Rodiles, Social Media Specialist

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I like to think, when it comes to the cooking, that my dad has most gadgets covered. But when I asked him what he wanted for Father’s Day this year, he immediately told me all about this smoker he’s had his eye on. My dad uses the grill a fair amount, but he explained that the smoker — specifically the Traeger Wood Pellet Grill and Smoker — would help him achieve tender, smokier meat than our current gas grill. And since I know my dad is a big fan of slow-cooking whenever he gets the chance, I know this smoker will get great use and will (hopefully) result in some delicious summer meals.

-Rachel Trujillo, Associate Content Editor

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My dad "thinks" he has everything he’s ever needed, but I proved him wrong last Father’s Day. I bought him a vacuum sealer so that he could preserve all of his favorite ingredients and cooking projects and, let me tell you, he was floored. Every airtight seal he zaps feels like a magic trick, and our freezer is organized with all kinds of leftovers. Once when I was visiting home, he vacuum sealed an entire spaghetti-and-meatballs dinner for me to pack away in my suitcase, so this gift worked in my favor too!

-Allison Milam, Senior Content Manager, Social Media

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I could really use a mosquito trap and new boots for my fly-fishing waders. But an even better gift would be a hug from my daughter and son — and a nice breakfast or lunch with them and their mom while in New York on a visit.

- Bob Balke, Culinary Producer Sarah Balke's Dad

Psst: Sarah, keep these top restaurants in mind the next time he's in town!

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